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 Is it just another travel site? You are the judge.

I enjoy seeing the magnificent sights our Great Country has to offer. Often when we (DH+2 kids) go on an outing, or a trip, I spend at least an hour to look up the things to do, address, admission & rates, and what the attraction is about. I wonder whether there is parking, and whether I can take my stroller.

So I started this site as a hobby to list the answers to the basic questions that one have. I hope that I will be able to answer in brief, the What, Why, When, Where, Who & How to do things in Canada.

We live in Calgary, so I am beginning from the ‘best in the west’ city. When will I able to finish listing most of the appealing destinations in ‘to do Canada’? Time alone can answer that question.

It is not easy to account everything about an attraction properly, as sometimes the basic queries that we have, is not available in the attraction website. If you chance upon this site , do let me know if there is a mistake and do send me photos for a better description. Any suggestions and useful tips about the attractions are most welcome. Contact me at [email protected]

All information is courtesy the official attraction website (especially hours & rates) and personal experience / official tourism department of individual attractions. Verify all rates & admission hours from attraction website.

Have a good time,


June 11,2011.

Details about each attraction is formatted as an easy to refer travel card which answers

1. What is the attraction about?

2. What to do / things to do including hikes, trails and other activities.

3.How to get to the attraction (direction, location & map including GPS coordinates)?

4. How much does it cost to see the attraction? Are there any ways to save money using coupons?

5. When  to see/visit the attraction? Whether the attraction is open in winter?

6. What are amenities available and is the attraction wheelchair accessible?

The  main aim is to provide helpful overview about an attraction/event/things to do weekend, so that planning a trip to any particular attraction/event is made simpler and time can be saved in the process. A person browsing the web (especially a  mobile user)  for information, do not have to navigate many webpages to get the basic information required. 

Each ‘travel card’ is written in with the intention of helping a novice traveller/visitor. 

 This website is not about reviewing an attraction or an event. But, if you have a tip on how to make the visit better, please leave a comment. 

Are you interested in making ‘Travel Cards’, blog about your trip, list an attraction  or an event? If so, please contact me at [email protected]

Listing an event/attraction/camp is free.

If you want to add any event or attraction/things to do anywhere in Canada, Contact me at

Disclaimer and Terms of Use

We have tried our best to be accurate in our content, but all the information provided is to be taken at your own risk. Verify all information from official attraction / Event authorities. Links are provided for ease of use, and to save time used up in searching the web for information.

You travel at your own risk and read this website of your own free will.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are in compliance with all current rules and regulations. We assume no responsibility or liability for any inaccurate, delayed, incomplete information with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose.

The information provided in this website is for entertainment purposes only, and no medical, legal, or other professional advices are provided. Under no circumstances shall we be, liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, or any loss of profits or revenues, whether incurred directly or indirectly, or any loss of data, use, good-will, or other intangible losses, resulting from the use of this website.

By accessing the website, you agree to contact us for any dispute you have with us, and will resolve the dispute with us informally. 

All images copyright belongs to or  Event Organizers / Official Attractions listed unless otherwise mentioned. Victorian images are from and few images are used under Creative Commons License. If you believe any of the contents/links have infringed your copyright, mail [email protected], to take it down.

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