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If you are in Saskatchewan, take time to experience the unique history that is Saskatchewan. From infamous outlaws to the rebellion of 1885, there is a lot of history that can be experienced in this wonderful province. Listed are ten tours to experience a taste of Saskatchewan's history!  »

Lake Louise, famous for the its turquoise blue waters and backdropped by majestic mountains is a magical place to be in winter season. With an average annual snowfall of 3m (12ft), and almost every single winter activity available on its shores, Lake Louise is the place to be for an ...  »

Here is a list of 21 Free Must Visit Places in Alberta: These free places will take you through Alberta's history from prehistoric times to modern days, while giving you an in-depth appreciation of Alberta's awe-inspiring landscaping. Few sites may not be visually appealing, but important, since it is part of ...  »

There are over hundreds of waterfalls within 2 hours of downtown Toronto ranging from small cascades to the world famous trio of falls – Niagara Falls. This article lists 25 waterfalls near Toronto. Most waterfalls are located in Hamilton and along Bruce Trail on Niagara Escarpment. The steel city has over 100 waterfalls within ...  »

Want to try zip-lining in winter when trees are laden with snow? Here is where you should go to be a snowbird and to have an adrenaline-filled zip lining experience that you won’t soon forget!  »

Spread over 6,641 sq. km along the magnificent Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park is located in Alberta, a prairie province of Canada. Banff National Park with its snow-capped mountains, ethereally coloured glacial lakes and abundant wildlife is a must visit place, recommended by all travel gurus.  »

A Concise Guide to Planning a Trip to Niagara Falls,Canada - A trip guide for a first time visitor.
Contents: 1. What is Niagara Falls?
2. Where is Niagara Falls located?
3. How to get to Niagara Falls, Canada?
4. When is the best time to visit Niagara Falls?
5. Where to stay in ...  »

Pure magic! That is the only description that befits Bruce Peninsula National Park. Rugged cliffs rise mysteriously from the turquoise waters Lake Huron creating a breathtaking contrast that is a must-see. As the rocks give way to rich soil, ageless forests take over filling the air with the scents of ...  »

Road Trip to Jasper from Edmonton Looking for a long weekend getaway from Edmonton? Here is a road trip itinerary that includes the magnificent Rockies, the woods that are alive with all things wild, sandy beaches and a smattering of Alberta’s history. You can easily follow this itinerary if ...  »

Endowed with abundant natural beauty, the fourth most populous province of Canada is a delight to explore. Visit Jasper or Banff and see aquamarine lakes forming a garland around majestic Canadian Rockies, drive through one of the best scenic roads in the world, the Icefield Parkway, have a gala time ...  »

Visiting a theme park is an exciting and thrilling way to have a whole day long fun family outing. Here is a list of  amusement parks in Alberta, Canada to help you plan a ‘screamastic’ trip. 1. World Water Park, Edmonton World Water Park is one of best water parks in ...  »

Banff Lake Louise Winter Itinerary Wondering how best to enjoy your Banff – Lake Louise winter trip? Here are some ideas for your consideration. If you are from Calgary or live reasonably near Banff, do few of the Winter activities in Banff National Park like Johnston Canyon ice walk and skating ...  »

Banff and Lake Louise One Day Tour A suggestion to make the best of your Banff and Louise one day tour by including the top attractions  and things to do in Banff and Lake Louise. Assuming you won’t be able to see the Park anytime in immediate future, Banff ...  »

Designated swimming beaches in Greater Toronto area with amenities, directions, parking information, life guard presence, water quality and other pertaining details.  »

A list of Best Hard Hikes in Banff National Park.  Two hikes in this list can be called moderate.  Check for bear activity before hiking and find out whether the hike requires group access especially near Moraine Lake trails. Download hiking guides from Parks Canada website.This list does not ...  »

Here is a list of Best Moderate Hikes in Banff National Park. Check for bear activity before hiking and find out the hike requires group access especially near Moraine Lake trails.The detailed hiking map is available at Parks Canada Website.This list does not include Sunshine Meadow Hikes, which ...  »

Cypress Hills Destination Area, Saskatchewan, Canada : An Overview Located in southwest Saskatchewan, the Cypress Hills Destination Area will take you on a journey comprised of 18,000 sq kms of awesome! Filled with incredible landscapes, abundant wildlife, art, shopping, fine dining, luxurious and unique accommodations, adventure opportunities, signature events and world class ...  »

Where else can be getting lost be fun than at a life-size maze! Put down the iPads & tablets and get down to the maze for a reality game time made of growing creative designs that changes every year. Alberta is also home to the maze that holds Guiness record ...  »

Day trip from Calgary to Lacombe Distance Round trip: Calgary – Lacombe – Calgary : 350 km (calculated from Downtown Calgary) Route: North on AB-2 If you do not mind driving four hours (round trip), then a day trip to Lacombe is a good way to spend a day with the Kids. The best ...  »

Only an evening to spend in Edmonton? An Evening in Edmonton New to Edmonton? Need inspiration for a date night? Here is a list of few ideas to help you plan a pleasant evening and great night out in Edmonton. Average daylight hours in Edmonton: 14 – 16 hours in Summer & 7 – 10 hours ...  »

“People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of things* they ignore at home”. – Dagobert D. Runes Be a tourist in your City! This summer, after enjoying all the treasures of the Capital city,  roundup your friends or family, and have an enchanting time exploring Alberta’s ...  »

Here is a comprehensive list of family fun activities in City of Toronto, Canada including fun attractions to visit and things to do together as a family in Toronto. Attractions outside Toronto city limits are not included in this article.  See – Itinerary for a 3 Day Toronto and Niagara Falls Trip ...  »

10 Fun Farms to visit in GTA Visit a farm this weekend with kids – make a day out of it and have a farm to fork learning experience.  Pick your own vegetables or fruits, go on hay rides, enjoy getting lost in the mazes,  feed farm animals, have old fashioned outdoor ...  »

Free Family Activities in  Calgary For upcoming free events, see Free Events in Calgary You may also like – Free Family Activities for Every Day this Summer in Calgary. Free Activities in January, February 1 Inglewood Bird Sanctuary   Play ‘I Spy’ in the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. The trails are open dawn ...  »

Searching for free stuff to do in Ottawa and cheap ways to explore Canada's Capital City without putting a strain on your travel budget? We have listed few ways to enjoy the best of Ottawa for free or on low budget.  »

Few pointers for cheap and cheerful ways to enjoy Saskatchewan’s Queen City! AND if you are searching for free fun family activities to do in Regina – a list of great family activities that can be done free of charge are listed too. Contents: 1. Visiting Regina on a Low Budget 2. ...  »

Looking for fun ways to spend summer holidays with kids in Saskatoon? Here is a list of fun things to do in and around Saskatoon during summer (June to Labour Day). Few ideas for day trips and weekend getaways are also included.   »

Discover the magnificent gardens of Alberta!

Enjoy the lovely flower beds maintained by volunteers at St Albert Botanic Garden, the gardens that extols Japanese-Canadian friendship at Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, tropical plants inside Edmonton's pyramids, prairie hardy plants at Olds College gardens, an extensive peony collection at Devonian Botanic Garden, ...  »

1. Gimli About: Located on the west side of Lake Winnipeg  in Manitoba’s Interlake region,  Gimli is a family  vacation paradise. Town of Gimli  has the largest number of Icelandic settlement outside Iceland. True to it’s name meaning ‘Home of the Gods’, Gimli is a vacation spot frequented by ...  »

Here is a list of companies offering Horseback Riding In Banff National Park with the packages, rates  and other pertinent information. The article lists only day rides. The Outpost at Warden Post and Timberline Tours Ltd also offer overnight (back country) rides in Banff National Park. Holiday on Horseback offers ...  »

Experience this unique winter sport on the icy St. Lawrence River that alternates between rowing the waters of the St. Lawrence River and jogging/pushing along the canoe over the crackling ice beneath your shoes, that is fitted with bolts keep their traction on the ice.  »

A list of Ice Fishing locations around Calgary, which are within 2 hours of driving from Calgary. The distances are calculated from downtown Calgary. Check (user friendly guide) & (official website) for closure dates, bait rules and fish stock. Bow River is an excellent place for Ice ...  »

Ghost Lake, a reservoir built on a section of Bow River, Alberta is a water sports paradise near Calgary. When old man winter arrives, the lake that has a water surface area of 11.6 km2 freezes in December and remains so, until April. Frozen surface of the Lake is conducive to ...  »

Icefields Parkway Interactive Map To read about the attractions, viewpoints, campgrounds and lodges, see the article on Icefields Parkway.  Click on the map icons, for more details about each attraction on the parkway. View Ice Fields Parkway Map – Viewpoints in a larger map Icefields Parkway Interactive Map  »

Looking for fun family indoor activities to save your family’s Regina vacation from dreary, rainy weather or below freezing temperatures? This article, which lists indoor fun family attractions, galleries and indoor amusements centres in the City of Regina, is sure to help. Rain, shine, or snow these places are ...  »

A list of indoor fun family attractions and indoor amusements centres in the City of Saskatoon. Rain, shine, or snow these places are fun places to visit, whether you are a city resident or a tourist. This article might also serve as your go-to list for inclement weather family’s ...  »

Looking for fun family indoor activities to save your family’s Toronto vacation from dreary, rainy weather or below freezing temperatures? This article, which lists indoor fun family attractions and indoor amusements centres in the City of Toronto, is sure to help. Rain, shine, or snow these places are fun ...  »

A list of must visit places to visit in Canada's Heartland - Manitoba.

The fifth most populous province of Canada, and the longitudinal centre of Canada is characterized by wide open spaces punctuated with rolling parklands, sandy beaches, lush boreal forests, and crystal lakes. Pick a wild flower or berry, ...  »

Visit the roaring Bow Falls, go up on the historic chairlift on Mt. Norquay, head to Surprise Corner, which offers stunning views of the surrounding Banff National Park. See Hoodoos, sedimentary rocks that have been eroded into needle like points! Go on a Lake Minnewanka Cruise, experience the breathtaking views ...  »

Planning a one day trip to see the glorious, spectacular Niagara Falls? This article will  give you few good ideas to help you plan a one day trip to Niagara Falls, Canada and experience the wonder of the Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls in all its mighty, thunderous power is best ...  »

 Itinerary for One Day in Banff. One day in Banff National Park itinerary covers most of the important attractions in Banff town and Johnston Canyon. It is rare that a trip goes like clockwork , especially if you are traveling with children (a long day trip as outlined, is quite difficult). ...  »

One Day Tour of Banff National Park An itinerary for one day tour of Banff National Park . This article covers activities to do in  Banff town and around Lake Minnewanka. Get the trail guide so that you can do the easy trails along the attractions listed below.  Pack some quick ...  »

One Day Tour of Calgary Here are few suggestions if you have just one day in Calgary. You can not do everything in a day, but this will give some ideas and make your one day visit to Calgary memorable. The article includes some of the best attractions in Calgary. ...  »

Things to do in Calgary – Places to visit in Calgary A list of places to see and things to do in Calgary Alberta in brief, arranged in alphabetical order, with GPS coordinates for ease of travel. Click on the attraction name for details of each attraction with information about Calgary ...  »

Looking for fun ways to spend a day with family or friends in and around Winnipeg? Here is a list of 100+ fun activities in and around (within 2 hours drive) Winnipeg. From things to do in Winnipeg with kids (from toddler to teen), day trips, ideas for summer staycations, and entertainment, ...  »

Take a journey that will lead you through the Bow River Valley, traveling through the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Enjoy dazzling views of Sulphur Mountain and Mount Norquay, both covered in snow.   »

A list of places to go snow tubing- the sophisticated cousin of old fashioned sledding.
With absolutely no skills necessary, snow tubing is a great winter family fun to get your heart pumping with the all thrill.  »

Banff, with its snow capped rugged mountains, turquoise coloured lakes, rushing waterfalls and lush alpine meadows is a great place to relax and rejuvenate.  In addition to visiting the ‘touristy’ Banff attractions, to experience the real Banff, you need do some of the following summer activities in Banff . 1. Boating, Canoeing &...  »

Searching for Family Fun in and around Edmonton OR things to do for a day out with friends? With internationally renowned festivals, concerts, nature activities, and long summer days, Edmonton is the place to be in summer (PS – It is a great visit in winter too). Whether you want to ...  »

Lacombe is a historic town, located approximately 30km north of Red Deer.  The community of Lacombe was named for Father Albert Lacombe, a dedicated and visionary Catholic priest.  His statue stands in the downtown area (50th Avenue & 51st Street). This historic town is a wonderful place to visit as ...  »

One Day Banff Itinerary Wondering how to plan your trip or what to do do, which attractions to see,  if you just have one day to spend in Banff. Few suggestions for your Banff Itinerary with all the best Banff attractions and activities included.Click on the links for detailed ...  »

Sylvan Lake, Alberta is a family fun destination any time of the year. Sylvan Lake is in Central Alberta, ~ 25 km from Red Deer, and mid way between Calgary (~160 km from downtown Calgary) & Edmonton (~160 km from downtown Edmonton), making it a perfect place for a day trip or a weekend ...  »

A list of 60+ fun activities to do in and around Regina including
Zoos, Farms & Petting Zoos, Attractions - Museums & Historic Sites, Amusement Parks & Fun Centres, Outdoor & Nature Adventures, Family Theatre, Music & Festivals.  »

List of 100+ fun activities and places to visit in and around Saskatoon including Museums & Historic Sites, Outdoor & Nature Adventures, Zoos, Farms & Petting Zoos, Amusement Parks & Fun Centres
and Events & Festivals.  »

Point Pelee National Park is the southernmost part of mainland Canada extending for 15 kilometers into Lake Erie. Derived from the French word pelée which means ‘bald’, the park is a sandspit formation or simply a spit which is a landmass that was formed due to transportation of sediment by ...  »

Winter Activities in Sylvan Lake,  Alberta During winter, Mother Nature transforms Sylvan Lake into an outdoor all ages winter activity centre, making Sylvan Lake, A Town for all Seasons. Here are the few suggestions for things to do during winter in Sylvan Lake,  Alberta 1. Ice skating & Skiing Enjoy Skating &...  »

Winter Attractions, Activities & Festivals in Edmonton 2016/17 Wondering what is there to do this winter in Edmonton? In one word – P L E N T Y, whether you are a winter buff or not. Read on to get ideas for a memorable winter season in Edmonton replete with fun activities ...  »

Situated on the North Saskatchewan River Valley, Edmonton is a vibrant cultural centre, home to historical sites, modern – city type attractions and a plethora of outdoor activities. Edmonton is a great visit any time of the year. Edmonton comes alive in summer with internationally renowned festivals and is a wonderland ...  »

Visiting Niagara Falls in Winter – Winter Attractions & Festivals As mercury drops and old man winter arrives in his icicle chariot, Niagara Falls transforms itself into a magical wonderland with the mighty falls framed by glistening icicles reflecting the magical winter lights. A trip to the Falls in winter is ...  »

Planning a trip to Niagara Falls, Canada and wondering what to show your little bundle of joy? Here is a list of 5 things to do that is fun for you and opens up a world of wonder for your toddler. Most Niagara Falls Canada attractions are free for kids under 5. ...  »

A list of things to do and places to visit in and around Ottawa: the dynamic, cosmopolitan Capital City of Canada, situated on the banks Ottawa River, renowned for its Parliament Buildings, must see museums and world’s largest naturally frozen skating rink.
Attractions include Parliament, Museums & Historic Sites, Outdoor & ...  »

Places to See & Things to Do in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada Located Northwest of Edmonton, St Albert is the fifth largest city in Alberta. Founded by Father Albert Lacombe in 1861, St Albert is rich in history, and culture. St. Albert is one of the first established Metis settled towns ...  »

Visiting Toronto with your toddler? Here is a list of attractions that are fun for you and your big bundle of joy.Things to do in Toronto with Toddlers 1. Toronto Zoo Enjoy a visit to the largest zoo in Canada and 3rd largest zoo in the world. With over 5000 animals, ...  »

Conquer your fear of heights at Canada's Wonderland, appreciate priceless Canadian art at McMichael Canadian Art Collection, surround you with a million Lego blocks at Legoland, discover creepy crawlers at Reptilia, explore forests and meadows at Kortright Centre, go picnicking at Boyd Conservation area, take your toddler to Jungleland playground, ...  »

Looking for fun ways to spend a day with kids in Calgary? Here is a comprehensive list of almost every single fun family activity in Calgary and area.  Rediscover Calgary through the eyes of a child! Things to do with Kids in Calgary Go-to list that has 100+ ideas for things ...  »

A short list of things to do with teens in Toronto & GTA.

Visiting Toronto with teenagers and want to make the trip extra special? You might find some interesting activities to add to your itinerary.  »

Here is a list of Top 5 easy hikes in Banff National Park (till the Banff National Park border in Ice Fields Parkway). The Lake Louise shore line trail (2 km one way ) and Moraine Lake Shoreline trail (1.5 km one way) are also extremely easy hikes. One needs to walk along the ...  »

Explore National Park through the most stunning sites of the park and discover some of the most spectacular scenery in the Canadian Rockies! Walk along the towering limestone walls of Maligne Canyon, go on a cruise on the Maligne Lake, learn about the disappearing Medicine Lake. See wildlife like sheep, ...  »

10 Reasons to Visit Edmonton Unusual Attractions in Edmonton – The Capital City of Alberta! There are many wonderful things to do and places to see in this second largest city in Alberta. Even if you are in Edmonton during the dead of winter, there will be celebrations ON in this festival ...  »

Saskatchewan has some of the unique, naturally occurring, geographically interesting terrains and features which many people are unaware of!

Visit every single one of these places in this list of unusual/unique places and rediscover this prairie province of Canada!  »