90,000 International Graduates and Temporary Workers Can Apply For Canadian Permanent Residency Through a New One Time Program

The government of Canada has announced that over 90,000 essential workers and international graduates who are now in Canada and are contributing to Canada’s economy can apply for permanent residency through a new program.


The new program is for temporary workers employed in hospitals and long-term care homes and on the frontlines of other essential sectors and international graduates who graduated after 2017 and are now employed in Canada.


Applications will be open for:

  • 20,000 temporary workers in health care
  • 30,000 temporary workers in other selected essential occupations
  • 40,000 international students who graduated from a Canadian institution


Graduates and workers who have proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages and authorized to work and working in Canada at the time of their application can apply if:

  • Workers must have at least 1 year of Canadian work experience in one of the 40 health-care profession or 95 other essential jobs across a range of fields, like Plumbers, Transport truck drivers, Oil and gas drilling, servicing and related labourers, Mail, postal and related workers, Retail salespersons, General farm workers and many many more!
  • International graduates must have completed an eligible Canadian post-secondary program within the last 4 years, and no earlier than January 2017 who are currently employed in Canada in any area.



Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will begin accepting applications online starting May 6, 2021, and will remain open until November 5, 2021, or until they have reached their limit.

More Information is available here.

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