Alberta Introduces Legislation to Regulate Vaping, Ban E-cigarettes for Minors


Credit: Chris Schwarz/Government of Alberta

Alberta is planning to bring in new legislation on vaping that would include a ban on anyone under 18 from using e-cigarettes.

Health Minister Tyler Shandro says there is mounting evidence on the health risks of vaping, and statistics show more young people in Alberta are indulging.

The government’s bill proposes that stores not be allowed to sell such products to youth and that displays would be restricted in the same way they are for traditional cigarettes.

The province does not intend to ban or restrict flavours for e-cigarettes, but the bill does say cabinet would be allowed to regulate such restrictions once a law was proclaimed.

If passed, the bill is expected to take effect this fall.

Alberta is the only province without vaping legislation.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 2, 2020

The Canadian Press


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