Alberta Teachers Demanding Full Rewrite of Draft K-6 Curriculum



The Alberta Teachers’ Association is urging the government to slam the brakes on its draft education curriculum for young students, calling it potentially damaging to child development.

Association president Jason Schilling says teachers were given short shrift when the framework was drafted and are ready to help create a new kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum.

He notes more than 20 school boards have said they will not pilot the new curriculum in classrooms this fall.

Schilling notes a survey of teachers found an overwhelming call for the document to be pulled because they believe it is “fatally flawed.”


Critics say the proposed curriculum is a jumble of random facts, has a disjointed structure, focuses too much on European history and contains learning concepts far above the abilities of youngsters.

Education Minister Adriana LaGrange says it strikes the right balance between math and social fundamentals, and teaches students about Canada’s history, including the contributions of francophones and Indigenous cultures.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 15, 2021

The Canadian Press

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