Ice Show -Acrobatics on Ice

February 12, 2021

February 12, 2021




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Thrilling acrobatics, and fabulous figure skating. Both are big audience pleasers. But what would it be like to combine the two? The Heilongjiang Ice Acrobatic Team, the first and only of its kind in China, has the amazing answer.

The Heilongjiang Acrobatic Troupe and its Ice Acrobatic Team created their show on ice with a new and exciting variation of traditional acrobatics. The icy stage adds elements of body and movement controls never seen before.

Replacing the Harbin Acrobatic Troupe in 1970, the Heilongjiang Acrobatic Troupe has created a number of programs with Heilongjiang\’s characteristics, and brought home many prizes received both in domestic and international contests during its decades of development.

During the 59-minute performance, the show on ice displays acrobatic stunts, skating, dance, music and comedies with forms of fairytale and fantasy.

The show will be available to watch for free on February 19 (Friday) @ 8pm on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Opening Ice Dancing: I love you Snow in Sai Bei
Acrobatics on Ice: Peking Opera -San Cha Kou
Acrobatics on Ice: Diabolo- Cool Waves of North Country
Acrobatics on Ice: Hand Skills -Cool Northland
Comedy on ice: Good Fortune
Ice Dancing: Fantasy Illusion
Acrobatics on Ice: Trampoline and Jumping Through Hoops – Magic Shaman
Magic on Ice: Ussuri Boat Song
Acrobatics on Ice: Plate-spinning – Impression of China
Comedy on Ice: I am a donkey
Stunts on Ice: Walking on stilts – Tracks in the Snowy Forest

Who is it for?

All ages


Tickets : free

Free to watch on livestream at YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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Date: Friday February 12, 2021 to Friday February 12, 2021

8PM Feb 19, 2021
Ice Show – Acrobatics on Ice
Heilongjiang Acrobatic Troupe

Live Show:
Livestream at Facebook:

1 hour

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online, n/a

Wheelchair accessible

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