Holiday Pops Radio Show Parts I & II

December 12, 2020

December 19, 2020

$100 for 12 concerts


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Events Description


The WSO celebrates the 100th anniversary of its home and Windsor’s heritage gem, The Capitol Theatre, as it recreates the old-time radio show, complete with sound effects, actors, and story telling. Meet the characters in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, over “the radio”.

Don’t forget to tune in to the last episode to find out the ending! Both concerts will be jam-packed with holiday music, spreading the spirit of the season over two programs! The fellow from the North Pole promises to stop in at both performances.

Robert Franz, Conductor
WSO Brass Quintet
North Pole Guest

Your Favourite Holiday Tunes


Tickets: 12 one-hour digital concerts: $100


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Date & Time:

PART 1 RELEASE DATE: December 12, 2020

PART 2 RELEASE DATE: December 19, 2020

Concerts will be available to watch until December 31st, 2020

Venue: Online

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