Ukulele Music Jam / Play – Listen – Teach – Learn

May 30, 2021

May 30, 2021



Events Description


🎼 Ukulele Music Jam / Play – Listen – Teach – Learn

Let’s have fun hanging out and playing or listening to everything Ukulele.

Share playing together or just listen in. Share Youtube videos. If you know how to play, maybe help others learn. If your just learning, hang out and, learn more. The man thing is to Have fun together so anything is okay.

Also Visit or Join our Ukulele Group to be part of our Ukulele Friends Community.

In Person & Online

Due to Covid our in person events are not happening at this time. When we get past Covid, this event will include both in person and online streaming across North America, Atlantic, UK & EU regions.

Who is it for?

All ages


Tickets : Free

This event is Free
Being a member of one of our Ukulele Groups is needed for access.

How to get tickets?

Buy online



Date: Sunday May 30, 2021

Pacific Time
14:00 (02:00 PM) to 15:30 (03:30 PM)
Mountain Time
15:00 (03:00 PM) to 16:30 (04:30 PM)
Ontario & Quebec
17:00 (05:00 PM) to 18:30 (06:30 PM)

Venue & Address

Ezumee Groups Online, Canada National

Wheelchair accessible

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