Cradle Of Filth

March 15, 2019

March 15, 2019


Marquee Beer Market & Stage, 4630 Macleod Trail S, Calgary


Events Description

with Wednesday 13, Black Raven.

Formed in England in 1991, CRADLE OF FILTH generated an immediate underground buzz with their early demos, before stamping their authority on the UK’s burgeoning black and death metal underground with their debut album, »The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh«, in 1994. A monstrous blend of ornamental terror and pummeling vitriol, it marked the band out as a unique proposition and one of few modern bands capable of driving heavy music forward while honoring its traditions. Not surprisingly, a combination of front man Dani Filth’s insanely evocative lyrics and the intensely detailed and the compelling imagery that the band harnessed with great skill have since ensured that CRADLE’s music has both endured and expanded over the best part of three decades. A relentless series of invigorating and enthralling studio albums have kept the band firmly in the bloodshot public eye and despite numerous line-up shuffles and subtle stylistic shifts over the years, CRADLE OF FILTH have slithered from grand triumph to grand triumph.

Who is it for?
18 and Over


Tickets : $34.95
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Date & Time:

Friday, March 15, 2019 | 8:00 PM

Venue & Address :

Marquee Beer Market & Stage – 4630 Macleod Trail S, Calgary, AB T2G 5E8

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