Digby and Glass

September 15, 2021

September 18, 2021


Live Stream, Calgary


Events Description


Digby and Glass is a 30 minute political thriller that explores the lengths people will go through to stay in power. As our characters have a dangerous conversation, they will be surrounded by the real live citizens of Calgary, while we broadcast the performance live from Rotary Park overlooking Lion’s Gate Bridge. As we approach a federal and civic election, we’re left to wonder what conversations are happening right now in our city and across the nation.

The show runs Sept 15th to Sept 18th at 7:30pm MDT. This production was made possible with support from Calgary Arts Development.

Written by David Ellis Heyman
Directed by Wil Knoll
Starring Val Duncan as Angela Glass and Deimon Slagg as Scott Digby
Cinematography by Chelsea Yang Smith and Jenna Turk
Stream operation by Savanna Harvey
Performance management by Mike Czuba

Who is it for?

All ages


Tickets : Free

No ticket required. Access stream at https://clear-as-glass.net/the-show/

How to get tickets?

Buy online




The show streams live at 7:30pm MDT from Wednesday, Sept 15th to Saturday, Sept 18th.

Venue & Address

Live Online Stream, Calgary

Wheelchair accessible

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