Footsloose New Town New Dance

March 23, 2019

May 4, 2019

$37.75 to $84.95 + charges

Jubilations Dinner Theatre - Calgary, 1002 37th Street Southwest, Calgary


Events Description

Ah… small town living. The wonderful open spaces and fresh air. Where people feel safe from big city crime such as, theft, vandalism and… dancing? Yes, that’s right… welcome to the town of Elmore where dancing is illegal all but one day of the year. Yep, just one day a year people in this town are allowed to let loose and cut a rug. The kids call that day the dance “purge”… and wouldn’t you know it, that day is today!
Jubilations Dinner Theatre presents Footsloose: New Town, New Dance. Everybody cut loose!

Who is it for?

All ages


Regular Adult: $69.95 to $75.95
Senior Special (60+): $51.25
Students Special: $51.25
Children (12 & under): $38.95

Prices include a three-act musical comedy, a four-course dinner, and refillable tea and coffee. Prices do not include taxes, gratuities, pop, or alcohol.
How to get tickets?

Buy Online

Phone: 1.403.249.7799
At the door


Date & Time:

March 23, 2019- May 4, 2019

Wednesday – Saturday | 6:15pm
Sunday | 5:00pm

Venue & Address :

Jubilations Dinner Theatre Calgary – 1002 37th Street SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1S2 Canada

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