Milky Way Nights August

August 22, 2019

August 24, 2019

Donation to the RAO

Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, 210 Avenue W, Hwy 22 S, Foothills No. 31



Events Description

The Observatory opens its doors to stargazers to participate in August Milky Way Nights

You are invited to join our researchers to observe the dark night sky and gaze at the Milky Way for three evenings in July and August.The dark sky conditions on August 22, 23, 24 are perfect for viewing planetary nebula, globular clusters and distant galaxies. Saturn and Jupiter will all be visible for a spectacular display. Each evening we will offer a sky tour outside on our viewing terrace and point out some of the highlights of the summer sky. Milky Way Nights are special evenings at the observatory dedicated to solely observing the night sky. There will be an array of telescopes operated by University of Calgary astronomers and members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Calgary Centre. You will have the opportunity to look through the telescopes, and astronomers will be on hand to answer questions.

In the sky – In the sky – Count the moons of Jupiter and observe the angle of Saturn’s rings as they move through Sagittarius. Draco the dragon rears its monstrous head up and out of the northern sky.

Who is it for?


Tickets : AUGUST 22 TO 24, 2019

All proceeds to the RAO programs
How to get tickets?

At the door: cash, credit, debit


Date & Time: AUGUST 22 TO 24, 2019

Drop in event, gates open from 10pm to 2am

Venue: Rothney Astrophysical Observatory 210 Avenue W, Hwy 22 S T0L 1W0, Canada, Foothills No. 31, AB

Free Parking
Public transport not accessible

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  1. moronic invitation

    invitation to see milky way without showing decent pic of milky way is just moronic. please do NOT be offended by the FACT.

    July 30, 2019 at 8:39 PM

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