Poutine With Purpose

April 23, 2021

May 1, 2021


Participating restaurants, Calgary


Events Description


Poutine With Purpose is an annual food fundraiser festival in Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver and new this year – Hamilton! Chefs are challenged to dream up and dish up a feature poutine for the week — from the traditional, to the creative, to the unusual!

Poutine With Purpose is the one week of the year you can eat poutine guilt free! Why? Every poutine sold during Poutine With Purpose in participating restaurants provides a simple, healthy meal to a youth in need through Mealshare charity partners.

How does Poutine With Purpose work?

  1. Find a poutine or restaurant that you want to try on the event website
  2. Eat poutine
  3. You just helped to provide a healthy meal to a youth in need



Cost Varies with Food

How to get Tickets?

Reserve at Restaurants


Date & Time:

April 23 – May 1, 2021

Restaurant hours

Venue: Participating restaurants in Calgary


4th Spot – Buffalo Bil’s Poutine; Hand cut fries, home made gravy and Quebec cheese curds topped with red mile breaded chicken, bacon bits, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and jalapenos drizzled with ranch dressing.

Amihan Grill + Bakeshop – Sisig Poutine; grilled pork belly, citrus, chilies, amihan cheese sauce, premium fries.

Bea’s Cafe – Taqueria Poutine Skillet; tator tots, cheese curds, chipotle & jalapeño queso sauce, pico de gallo, pickled onions, pickled serranos, smoked goat feta, al pastor pork, cilantro, sunny egg.

Big Cheese Kensington – The Perogie Poutine; Double smoked bacon, caramelized onions, two cheese filled perogies, sour cream, shredded cheddar and green onions all on top of a traditional Poutine.

The Cheeseburger Poutine; secret ground beef, secret burger sauce, pickles, tomatoes, and shredded cheese on top of a traditional poutine.

Bitter Sisters Brewery – Short Rib Vindaloo Poutine- short rib vindaloo, paneer, smashed fingerlings, yogurt and cilantro.

Calcutta Cricket Club – Lamb Vindaloo Poutine; braised lamb rib vindaloo, turmeric salted fries, cheese curd, onion.

Cravings Restaurant – Potato mille feuille, smoked gouda mornay, fried egg, beef gravy, potato allumettes. Add house-cured pork belly for $5.95.

Dandelion Nourish – Chiktan and “Waffle” Fry Vegan Poutine; waffle cut fries, smothered in house-made vegan cheese-curds, gravy and Chiktan.

Dragon’s Lair – Cottage Pie Poutine, delicious lean ground beef and typical veggies in a beefy gravy blanketing our French fries and cheese curds.

Crispy Korean Chicken Poutine (spicy), crispy deep fried chicken strips placed upon our fries and cheese curds and smothered in our signature Gochujang sauce gravy.

Expat Asia (Avenida Market) – Crispy Pork Belly Poutine; fried tater tots, Quebec garlic cheddar curds, pan made gravy, cured roast pork belly, Gochujang kewpie mayo and a fried egg.

Fionn MacCool’s Cross Iron – Irish Breakfast Poutine; red wine braised onions, grilled banger sausage and beef gravy, served over fries and cheese curds and topped with chives and a sunnyside up egg.

Guinness Steak and Mushroom Poutine; Tender Alberta diced beef and button mushrooms braised in Guinness, served over fries, cheese curds and parsley.

Butter Chicken Curry Poutine: Chicken, onions and green peas simmered in a mild, creamy curry sauce, served over fries, cheese curds and cilantro.

Flower & Wolf – Korean BBQ Smoked Beef Brisket Poutine; house Kimchi, Cheese Curds, Pickled Scallions, Kimchi Powder.

The Goose – Buffalo Chicken Poutine; crispy bacon, creamy blue cheese, spicy aioli, curds, gravy and green onion.

Gorilla Whale – Karaage Paitan Poutine (gluten free); fries tossed in yuzu salt and AO nori, miso butter edamame beans, signature Paitan gravy, whole karaage fried chicken thigh, crispy shallots, furikake, scallion oil and fresh scallion.

Greenbean Catering – Pulled BBQ Pork Poutine (gluten free); house-roasted, pulled pork with French fried onions, sautéed mushrooms, in a red wine gravy with Quebec cheese curds.

The Guild – Take Me Home for the Holidays Poutine; beef fat fries, brioche stuffing, confit turkey thigh, turkey gravy, cheese curds, cranberry compote, green peas.

Heaven Artisan – Yuca Fries Roasted Chicken Poutine; yuca fries, Canadian cheese curds, beef just, roasted shredded chicken, green onions. Both proteins are halal. Gluten free.

Kerby Cafe – Canadian Pizza Poutine; hand cut French fries, mozzarella, fried pepperoni and bacon crumble all smothered in a rich sauce. We offer dine in, as well as takeout and curbside pickup.

King of Donair – Our world famous Donair meat with our original blend of spices mixed into a classic poutine! $9.99

Last Best Brewery – Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Poutine; Crispy Fried Chicken, House Cut Fries, Nashville Hot Gravy, Farm Fresh Cheese Curds, Danish Blue Cheese Ranch, Dill Pickles & Crunchy Slaw.

Leopold’s (Beltline, Bowness, Edmonton) Carne Asada Poutine; house cut fries, cheese curds, marinated prime rib, chimichurri, beef gravy, guacamole, cotija cheese and crispy fried onions.

Mikey’s on 12th – Mucho Nacho Poutine; homemade chorizo, beans, corn, pickled jalapeños, gravy, cilantro, sour cream, cheese curds, pickled radish.

Mykonos Street Grill (Avenida Market) – Gyro Fries; House cut fries with homemade Tzatziki, Gyro Meat, feta, tomatoes, and onions.

Nash – Nash Rotisserie Pork Poutine; braised and smoked pork shoulder, white bean cassoulet, hominy corn, hand cut Kennebec fries and Mimolette cheese. Take out or delivery only.

New York Fries – Deconstructed Poutine; a large poutine (In any flavour you choose) with the ingredients deconstructed for you to re-heat and put it together at home. Available from any of the 7 Calgary New York Fries Locations and/or Skip The Dishes, Ubereats or Door Dash.

OEB – Soul In A Bowl; poached eggs, duck fat fried herb potatoes, Saint Cyrille curds, slow-cooked bacon lardons, brown butter hollandaise

Paddy’s Barbecue and Brewery – Smoked Meat Poutine; fresh cut Alberta fries, smoked brisket, squeaky curds all topped with our house made gravy from stock simmered over 24 hours.

Pig and Duke – 12th Ave location – Smoked Chicken Pot Pie Poutine; smoked paprika chicken, fries, curds, roasted red pepper, corn, poultry gravy, crispy fried onions.

Downtown location – Manila Mash Up; Golden fried spuds layered with Adobo chicken, longanisa sausage and double smoked bacon smothered with chicken gravy and nacho cheese. Topped with pickled and crispy onions.

Roy’s Kitchen – Corn Cheese Poutine : cheese curds, waffle fries, corn, mozzarella cheese sauce, egg, nori.

Ship and Anchor – The Brit box; house cut russets topped with British “chip shop” curry gravy, Quebec cheese curds, Guinness battered haddock and creamy coleslaw.

Shoe and Canoe – The Shoe & Canoe Poutine; cocoa chili dusted lamb shoulder, crispy Baby potato wedges, deep fried garlic, Cheese Curds Evil Corporation Ponzi Porter Beer Gravy, pickled red cabbage, garlic chili sour cream drizzle.

Taiko Canteen – Taiko Canteen and Zilfords Fried Chicken Collab Poutine; a combination of fries, cheese curd, popcorn chicken and hot Alabama white gravy, drizzled with comin hot.

Trolley 5 – Maple Bacon Poutine; fries, Quebec cheese curds, house-made gravy, maple syrup, bacon, shredded slow smoked brisket, topped with green onions and maple bacon seasoning.

VBurger – Fried Chick’n Poutine; 100% plant based poutine with french fries, fried chick’n, bac’n, chick’n gravy, hot sauce and green onions.

Vegan Streets – Vegan Carne Asada Portobello Poutine; with crisp kennebec potato fries, shredded vegan cheddar, savory poutine gravy, asada-marinaded portobello mushroom “steak”, grilled red cabbage, pico de gallo, and chunky guacamole.

Waffles & Chix (Avenida Market) – Nashville Fried Chicken Poutine; Fresh Cut Fries, Cheese Curds, White Country Gravy, Smoked Bacon Bits, Nashville Fried Chicken, Fried Egg.

The Westwood

Wok Box – Tokyo Beef Poutine; take your taste buds to the busy streets of Tokyo with this sweet teriyaki beef served over golden fries and drizzled with lime aioli.

Yellow Door (Poolside Patio at Hotel Arts) – The Ricky Bobby Poutine; Shake & Bake Chicken, smoked cheese curds, cheddar curds, pickles, Carolina mustard hot sauce, cabbage slaw.

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