WildDogs International Screendance Festival 2021

September 18, 2021

September 19, 2021

$8 - $12

Globe Cinema, 617 8 Ave SW, Calgary


Events Description


W&M Dance Projects proudly presents WildDogs, a hybrid festival of international screendance works, that will be presented in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on September 18 and 19, 2021 at the Globe Cinema. Tickets for Program B are $8.00 or you can buy Program A + B as a package for $12.00.

WildDogs is committed to dance on film as an independent art form. Screendance expands the possibilities of movement expression through a collaboration between two niche artistic mediums. WildDogs builds an audience for new and established screendance artists and encourages dialogue within the international screendance community.

WildDogs’ Artistic/Executive Directors are Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej, W&M’s original co-founders and dance-filmmakers themselves. Artistic Associates in this endeavour are emerging artists Zoe Abrigo and Tessa Leier.

This year’s festival includes films from Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, the United States, France, Ukraine, Switzerland, Canada (including Calgary), Australia, Russia, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, and Sweden.


September 19, 2021 – Program B

Fibonacci by Tomáš Hubáček (Czech Republic)
It Cries Too Loudly by Dolly Sfeir (United States)
PLACE/is a city written on this body? by Rosanna Terracciano (Canada)
Naar het Blauw by Davey Bakker (Netherlands)
ECCE by Fu Le (France)
Je parle by Cai Glover, Damian Siqueiros (Canada)
The Escape by Liudmila Komrakova (Russian Federation)
TA MARA by Iwona Pasińska (Poland)
Navigation by Marlene Millar (Canada)
Running Time: 95:26


September 18, 2021 – Program A

Startle by Hazel González Araya & Esteban Richmond (Costa Rica)
Ben by Teresa Sala, Ilaria Vergani Bassi, Gabriel Beddoes, and Mattia Parisotto (Italy)
Memory House by Lyndel Quick (Australia)
Fauteuil Lit by Maksym Kotskyi (Ukraine)
Downriver by Andrea Boll (Switzerland)
unheeded by Marie France Forcier (Canada)
Dance, Dance, Evolution by Jules Rosskam (United States)
DON’T, KISS .mov by Carl Olsson and Fabio Liberti (Sweden)
finding us // again by Ieva Bračiulytė & David Comeaux (United States)
As It Ends, It Begins by Or Meir Schraiber & Treyden Chiaravalloti (United States)
Running Time: 94:05

Who is it for?

All ages



$8 – $12

How to get tickets?

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Date & Time:

Saturday, September 18 & Sunday, September 19, 2021 | 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Globe Cinema 617 8 Ave SW, Calgary
Free Parking
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