Riverbreeze Fear Farm

October 2, 2021

October 31, 2021


699 Onslow Rd, Upper Onslow


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Decades ago, this land was owned by the Bloodfields; a proud family, well enough liked, but mostly keeping to themselves. Of Zeb and Myra’s three children, the eldest had a wicked sense of humour and no tolerance for bullies. Unfortunately, the bully he chose to play a Halloween prank on was the School Superintendents son. As punishment, the Bloodfield boy was whipped for his deeds after school, then made to watch his innocent young siblings take the belt as well.

​On this Halloween, an early snowstorm hit Truro. Having missed the bus, the Bloodfield children had no choice but to walk home through the ever-worsening weather. Fearing the Superintendent’s wrath, no one would help them; not even their preacher, who was on his way out to call on a wealthy parishioner.

Myra BloodField – As night fell; the storm raged. Zeb & Myra frantically searched, but could not find their children. The next morning, the three Bloodfield children were found, frozen to death, in the middle of their own cornfield. Almost home, they became confused and disoriented by the blinding storm in the stand of cornstalks.

On learning of what led to his children’s’ deaths, Zeb Bloodfield swore that “the teachers, preachers, and all God’s creatures would pay.” Zeb & Myra were rarely seen in town after that, a palpable air of darkness preceeding them when they did venture in. But three years later, they surprised the townsfolk by inviting the entire community to a “fall festival” at the Bloodfield Farm, complete with a corn maze for the kiddies and a free carnival at the end. Plenty for the grown-ups to enjoy too. Those who attended noted that the drinks were strong and the conversation lively; Myra served fresh-baked savory meat pies, and repeatedly declined to give out her “secret recipe”. Then, as darkness descended and the festival waned, Zeb & Myra calmly told the guests to go find their children-in the corn.

It was then that the town met with the full horror of the Bloodfields’ revenge. Once through the maze, they found the small “carnival” deserted. The children who had entered the “Fun House” hadn’t come out. Others had been lured away by “clowns”. Back at the farmhouse, the Bloodfields were nowhere to be found, but the remnants of butchery and carnage were discovered in Zeb’s barn and Myra’s kitchen. Children’s eyeglasses. Shoes. Barrettes. The oven was still warm when someone looked inside and discovered the “secret ingredient” to Myra’s meat-pies.

It took many years for the horrific Bloodfield legend to die down. The place is now known as RiverBreeze Farm, the gentle name never hinting at the nightmare that preceded it. But as the sun sets, and the chill of an October night descends, there are those who swear the Bloodfields are back–that their quest for vengeance goes beyond mortal bounds. And they will have it on all who get lost in the corn…


Tickets: Super Combo Tickets grant access to all Six of our Haunted Attractions and are available EITHER at the door for $30.00 Cash Only (tax included) OR pre-purchase online for $30.00 (tax/fee included).

Ticket booth opens at 6:30 pm!. As long as you are on our property AND IN LINE TO OUR ADMISSION BOOTH by 9:15 pm, you are guaranteed to be able to redeem your online tickets or buy a ticket in cash at the door and get in. Entrance Gates to our parking lot close at 915pm. We do not close the attractions until the last ticket holder gets in.

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Date & Time:

Fridays & Saturdays from October 2, 2021 | Doors 6:30 PM

Details TBA

Venue: RiverBreeze Corn Maze, 699 Onslow Rd, Upper Onslow
From Halifax: Follow the 102 to Truro, take Exit 14A Onslow /Tatamagouche (one exit past Truro fast food strip) and take a right. We are located 2 kilometres from Exit 14A turnoff, please look out for security to direct you to parking.


From Cape Breton: Take Bible Hill Exit 17, turn left and go to the end of Pictou Road, turn right at the lights and we are located 3 kilometres from this point, please look out for security to direct you to parking.



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