William Shakespeare’s Tragical History of Frankenstein

October 22, 2021

October 22, 2021




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It’s alive and it’s revived, Renaissance-style! Some Kind of Theatre present William Shakespeare’s Tragical History Of Frankenstein at the Edinburgh Horror Festival this October performing completely online.

William Shakespeare’s Tragical History of Frankenstein tells the familiar story of Renaissance man Victor Frankenstein and his creation, brought to life by talent, science and ambition. Witness their tragic downfalls in five acts with Shakespearean soliloquies and asides, literary conventions, and more. Revel in the Gothic tale given the Elizabethan treatment. Mary Shelley published Frankenstein 203 years ago. Now, William Shakespeare’s releasing the remake!

This verse adaptation of Mary Shelley’s tale of gothic horror is written by Ian Doescher – New York Times best-selling author of the William Shakespeare Star Wars series – and is produced by Some Kind of Theatre, Edinburgh’s literary theatre company and creators of the Shakespeare On The Sofa scheme and the Theatre On The Sofa scheme which, since 2016, have brought Shakespeare and theatre into libraries, schools, homes, gardens, offices, care homes, and the occasional palace. It is directed by Rachel Chung. Rachel is a PhD candidate, writing about Shakespeare, violence and gender at the University Of Edinburgh. Their work has appeared in Fringe Of Colour and Gutter Magazine.

The production features Ontario-based Andrew Sanjay Pawarroo.

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Tickets : £10

£10 per household / device

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Date: Friday October 22, 2021 to Friday October 22, 2021

Frankenstein is a one time performance at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific.

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Wheelchair accessible

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