Invisible by PAINTER8

September 26, 2019

January 11, 2020


Galerie Cité,8627 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury, Edmonton


Events Description

INVISIBLE is a group exhibition created by artists of PAINTER8, a non-profit arts organization that uniquely holds painting as its primary medium. The exhibition will be held at Galerie Cite @ La Cité Francophone from September 26th, 2019 to January 11th, 2020.

INVISIBLE features over 40 artworks from all eight of PAINTER8’s artists: Craig Talbot (Cardston, AB), Tim Rechner (Edmonton), Beth Pederson (Edmonton), Tom Cummins (Vancouver), Chrissy Cheung (Vancouver), Rafael Sottolichio (Montréal), miss hatt (Montréal) and guest artist, Kai Chan (Toronto). Invisible exhibits artistic interpretations of mental illness and stigma. This is an intimate event intended to foster conversation around mental-health related topics and gives a chance for the art community to meet one another. Mental illness is often INVISIBLE.

Who is it for?

All ages


Tickets : Free

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Date: Thursday September 26, 2019 to Saturday January 11, 2020

Galerie Cité @ La Cité Francophone is open daily.
Monday-Friday: 7am – 9pm
Saturday: 8am – 9pm
Sunday: 9am – 5pm

Opening reception: Thursday, Sept 26 from 7pm-9pm.

opening reception: Thursday, Sept 26 from 7pm-9pm.

Venue & Address

Galerie Cité, 8627 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury, Edmonton, Alberta T6C 3N1

Wheelchair accessible

Free Parking

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