#PurpleHauntedHouse for Epilepsy Awareness

October 27, 2020

October 31, 2020


Terence Mahon House, 11215 Groat Road Northwest, Edmonton



Events Description


Halloween can be a challenging time for children living with epilepsy as loud noises, commotion and flashing or moving decorations can potentially be a catalyst for seizures.

The Edmonton Epilepsy Association’s (EEA) – www,edmontonepilepsy.org is decorating its headquarters at 11215 Groat Road NW this year to create a #PurpleHauntedHouse for children and adults with epilepsy – and those without – a great opportunity to learn about the disorder, have fun and celebrate the holiday. Purple is the internationally recognized colour for epilepsy. There will be also be five special ghosts to find around the yard of the #PurpleHauntedHouseYEG, each with initials of interesting people both living and passed with epilepsy who have achieved great things.

Visitors are encouraged to find the ghosts and use a QR code to visit a secret webpage that will teach them about these inspiring people, educate them on epilepsy and a chance to win some great prizes! If you would be interested in speaking with a representative at the Edmonton Epilepsy Association and a parent or child about this year’s inaugural Purple Haunted House and the challenges of celebrating Halloween for those living with epilepsy, please let me know and I can help coordinate. Thank you kindly!

Who is it for?

All ages


Tickets : Free

Free – draw to win prizes available through secrete online page

How to get tickets?

At the door: By visiting the front yard and scanning a QR code – no contact necessary



Date: Tuesday October 27, 2020 to Saturday October 31, 2020

Visit the Halloween Decorated Year at 11215 Groat Road from October 27 through 31, 2020, at any time.

Venue & Address

Terence Mahon House, 11215 Groat Road Edmonton

Wheelchair accessible

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