Time on the Land

September 11, 2021

December 26, 2021

$38.15 Per family

Dreamcatcher Nature-Assisted Therapy, 53044, Range Rd 213, Ardrossan


Events Description


Feeling cooped up? Want to spend time with animals and enjoy the countryside with your family? Escape this weekend to ‘Time on the Land’ at Dreamcatcher™ and connect with our animals in nature.

Our Time on the Land program offers an adventure to clear your mind and reconnect with nature. Spend your weekend unwinding, visiting our friendly critters and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Feed the horses and donkeys, and watch the goats play on their teeter totter. Enjoy a walk through the trail in the newly developed Magical Forest and discover the fairies and gnomes. After walking through the beautifully treed and trailed 40-acre property, bring a picnic basket to share with family after visiting our furry animals.

Dreamcatcher™ strives to provide unique interactions with farm animals in a tranquil, beautiful place, to give people a chance to repress, rejuvenate, and find joy. Bring yourself, your family, your coworkers, or a group of individuals that need to escape the city and interact with some caring critters!

Did you know that “Time on the Land” was started in the spring of 2020 at Dreamcatcher™, to support individuals struggling with being socially distant from friends and family? Founder and director, Eileen Bonar, opened the Dreamcatcher Nature Assisted Therapy property to allow individuals to connect with the land during Covid-19. Dreamcatcher™ is offering Time on the Land visits to families or individuals who need to get out of the house or city.

Book a time to come to the 40 acre Dreamcatcher™ property today! This invitation will allow individuals and families to meet our animals over the fence, explore the Magical Forest, and bring a picnic lunch to enjoy. .

In addition to the Time on the Land program, we have opened our doors to all Front-Line workers and First Responders, through our Front-Line Fridays program, at Dreamcatcher™ Ranch. The Front-Line Fridays program is a safe, fun, and heart-warming way to interact with animals and explore the great outdoors.


Tickets : $38.15 Per family

$38.15 per household

Ensure to click on the “Select a different date” arrow to find the best available time for you.

Booking times are available outside of Dreamcatcher™ client sessions and will involve one household family at a time to ensure social distancing. Tickets are limited to the same household members and each ticket can include up to 6 members.

For safety, we ask that you do not bring your pets to the ranch.

If you cannot attend, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible via email at dreamcatcherTOTL@gmail.com, as a courtesy to our staff members.

The ticket is non-refundable, but in the event that you are unable to attend your visit and have given us 24 hour notice, we can rebook the visit to another date and time. In the event of severe weather conditions, a high likelihood of extreme cold temperatures, or heavy snowfall in the area, we may cancel the event. We will endeavor to contact you at least 24 hours prior to your visit of this cancellation.

If you have any questions, please email us at dreamcatcherTOTL@gmail.com

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Date & Time:

Saturdays, Sundays | September 5 to December 31

*Times will vary depending on the season. Times can be chosen via Eventbrite.*


Dreamcatcher Nature Assisted Therapy, 53044 Range Road 213, Ardrossan, AB T8G 2C4

Free Parking
Wheelchair accessible
Public Washrooms
Picnic table
Free Wi-fi

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