The EPIC Canadian Living Flag

July 1, 2020

July 1, 2020

Donation: $20 and up

Halifax, NS, Canada


Events Description

A Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast Celebration of Being Active, and Being Canadian! A ‘Virtual’ Event, 100% for charity.

It’s 2020, and life has thrown us a curve ball….

So how do we respond?

By finding ways to join together, especially when we need to be (physically) distanced.

Introducing the The EPIC Canadian Living Flag – Canada’s Running Flag!

A way to reach across our country, connecting from Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast. Across communities, across provinces, and across the entire country for Canada’s 153rd birthday!

Every Participant will be Included in our Massive, Online, Interactive Canadian Flag.

How to participate:
Plan out your best Red or White Canada Gear – it can be previous EPIC Canadian race shirts, or any Canadian Themed outfit you like.

On Canada Day itself (or some day the week before), you choose your location and you choose the distance: 2K, 5K, 10K. Walk, or Run, or Sprint, or Jog. Do it solo, or take your kids, or take your dog!

Take a picture either before or after you do your distance, then upload that photo to the dedicated portal that will be on our website (we will email you the link as well, and leave it open till the evening of Friday, July 3rd)

We will combine all these individual photos, into a huge, online, interactive, mosaic of a Canadian Flag, where you can find yourself, your friends, and other participants from across town, across the country, and around the world!

Then, we will host this flag online immediately after the event, and produce a full size version for display at our 2021 celebration event, back on the shores of Lake Banook, when we can all again come together in real life.

In this year of pandemic, join us.

Reach out across the country and invite your friends, your family and as many connections as possible to be part of this project. Together, we can create a massive project, linking all of us as one, from sea to sea to sea (plus, create a lot of good from those that can, to those that need our help right now).


With our sponsors covering the underlying event costs, you choose your registration fee which goes 100% directly to charity! Please contribute $20, $30 (or more!) to this exciting cross-Canada project (or if this year is tough for you, you can set to zero and participate for free).

All funds raised will be split among our long term charity partners – or, YOU can direct your donation 100% to the charity YOU choose.

How to get tickets?

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Date & Time:

Wednesday, JULY 1, 2020


Location of your choice



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