A Tafelmusik Christmas

December 10, 2020

December 10, 2020

$25 - $32



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Elisa Citterio director
Ivars Taurins director
Members of Tafelmusik Chamber Choir

So much in our world has changed, but Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Tafelmusik!

Co-curated by Ivars Taurins and Elisa Citterio, this festive program brings members of the choir and orchestra together for the first time in 2020. A joyous chorus and tender chorales from Bach’s Christmas Oratorio are paired with a radiant chorus from Charpentier’s Christmas Pastorale, and with richly harmonized baroque arrangements of Christmas carols.

The orchestral works evoke the many moods and emotions associated with Christmas, from the irrepressible exuberance of Vivaldi’s La Pastorella to the elegance of French noels arranged by Lalande and Corrette to the charm of Heinichen’s Pastorale. Join us to find comfort and connection in traditions new and old.


  • Michel Richard de Lalande Symphonie des Noëls
  • Johann Sebastian Bach Chorus “Ehre sei dir, Gott,” from Christmas Oratorio
  • J.S. Bach Chorale “Schaut hin, dort liegt im finstern Stall,” from Christmas Oratorio
  • Johann David Heinichen Pastorale in A Major, S.242
  • J.S. Bach Chorale “Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier,” from Christmas Oratorio
  • George Frideric Handel Pifa
  • Antonio Vivaldi Chamber concerto in D Major, “La Pastorella” (The Shepherdess)
  • Marc-Antonie Charpentier Nuit [Night], from In nativitatem Domini canticum
  • Charpentier Chorus of Shepherds “Source de lumière et de grâce,” from Pastorale sur la naissance de notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ
  • Michel Corrette 4e Symphonie des Noëls
  • Traditional Carols
    • O herders verlaat uw bokjens en schapen (O shepherds, leave your goats and sheep)
      (Dutch carol with music by Praetorius, arranged by Ton Koopman)
    • O Jesulein süß (O sweet little Jesu)
      (German Chorale, arranged by Koopman and setting by J.S. Bach)
    • Il est né, le divin enfant (He is born, the divine child)
      (French carol, arranged by Koopman)
    • Stille nacht, heilige Nacht (Silent night, holy night)
      (Austrian carol, composed and arranged by Franz Gruber, 1818/1845)
    • Les anges dans nos campagnes (Angels we have heard on high)
      (French carol, arranged by Koopman)



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Tuesday, December 10, 2020 | 8:00 PM

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