Comment je suis devenu musulman

January 9, 2020

January 9, 2020

$21 to $47

Shenkman Arts Centre, 245 Centrum Boulevard, Ottawa

613-580-ARTS (2787


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Comment je suis devenu musulman
Presented by: MIFO and University of Ottawa
Comment je suis devenu musulman

This story is about the marriage of two cultures in every sense of the word. Jean-François and Mariam are expecting a baby. Both are Quebecers, he a non-practicing catholic and atheist, and she a Muslim originally from Morocco. Upon learning the good news, Mariam’s parents want the young lovers to marry immediately. Will Jean-François accept to convert to Islam and renounce his non-belief, this when he has just learnt that his own mother’s days are numbered?

This dramatic comedy arranged in a sequence of fragmented scenes aims to be an extended hand, a desire for everyone to be able to speak their mind, without judgment or complacency. The author, Simon Boudreault, who based the story on episodes of his own life, navigates deftly and spritely through a maze of serious topics – death, spirituality, identity and fear of others – and in which he explores with humour and a touch of sarcasm the beauty and pitfalls of all religions.
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Language: French


Tickets : Regular: $47
Member: $43
Student: $21.25 (Act now! Student tickets are limited.)
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Date & Time: Thursday, January 9, 2020 | 8:00 PM

Venue: Harold Shenkman Hall — Shenkman Arts Centre, 245 Centrum Boulevard, Ottawa, ON K1E 0A1

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Public transport accessible

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