Flip Fabrique – Blizzard

March 28, 2020

March 28, 2020

$21 to $45

Shenkman Arts Centre, 245 Centrum Boulevard, Ottawa

613-580-ARTS (2787)


Events Description

And what if it was winter everywhere?
Not only outdoors and in the streets and fields,
But also in houses and bedrooms,
Under our clothes and in our hearts.
Every single thing buried under a blanket of snow,
Lost in a snowstorm,
The North Wind freezing time in its tracks.
Would this really be a calamity
Or the chance to start over
And fix our mistakes?
A message in the shape
Of a white blizzard.

In Blizzard, the circus troupe Flip Fabrique takes you on a wild, poetic and tender journey in the dead of winter and invites you to immerse yourself in a moment of pure enchantment. Supported by a cast of acrobats at the top of their art and by exceptional visual poetry, Blizzard will blow your socks off.

Language: French

Who is it for?


Tickets : Regular: $45
Member: $41
Student: $21.25 (Act now! Student tickets are limited.)
How to get tickets?
Buy Online
Phone: 613-580-2700/1-866-752-5231


Date & Time: Saturday, March 28, 2020 | 7:00 PM

Venue: Harold Shenkman Hall — Shenkman Arts Centre, 245 Centrum Boulevard, Ottawa, ON K1E 0A1

Free Parking
Public transport accessible

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