Midsummer [a play with (pre-recorded) songs]

July 29, 2020

August 9, 2020

$15 - $60

The Gladstone Theatre, 910 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa



Events Description

By David Grieg and Gordon McIntyre

directed by Bronwyn Steinberg

featuring Vivian Burns and David Whiteley

Come have a drink on the patio and enjoy a socially-distanced live-in-person show.

We cannot offer our hearing assistance device–performers will be using microphones.

While the show does include singing (a no-no during a pandemic), the singing is pre-recorded and there will be live instruments.

“It’s midsummer. It’s raining. And there’s these two people having sex. They’ve only just met.” Thus begins a whirlwind weekend of revelry, romance, and self-discovery set along the magical backdrop of Edinburgh. Upscale lawyer, Helena, and petty conman, Bob, are worlds apart, but their respective midlife crises create a deep and surprising connection. Playwright David Greig and composer Gordon McIntyre pair up to deliver that rarest of beasts, a romantic comedy with a good head on its shoulders as well as a huge heart at its centre. Greig’s story and McIntyre’s songs offer the thrilling possibility that we can take our lives in hand and reinvent ourselves. Or, as the machine in the Edinburgh Castle car park puts it: “CHANGE IS POSSIBLE”.


Tickets : Tickets are pay-what-you-can with a 20 person capacity, so get your tickets quickly!

Pay-What-You-Can tiered pricing with your choice of:
I Could Use a Discount: $15
I’m a Regular Theatre-goer: $30
I Support the Arts: $45
I’m an Angel : $60
Prices shown are final price including taxes and fees

How to get tickets?

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Email: boxoffice@thegladstone.ca
Phone: (613) 233-4523



Date & Time: July 29 – August 9, 2020

Evening Performances Wednesday – Sunday @ 7pm
Matinees Friday – Sunday @ 4pm

Venue: The Gladstone Theatre, 910 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa

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