Drop Zone Regina 2021

August 22, 2021

August 22, 2021


Hill Centre Tower II, 1881 Scarth St., Regina



Events Description


Easter SealsTM Saskatchewan’s Drop Zone is the ultimate ‘mic’ drop. Considered by many to be one of the greatest adrenaline rushes, participants are treated to a rappel from 21-stories up the Hill Centre Tower II in Regina – all in support of Saskatchewanians living with disability. By fundraising a minimum of $1,500, you will have the opportunity to be a superhero for a day and a hero for the thousands of individuals in Saskatchewan who benefit from the programs offered by Easter SealsTM Saskatchewan.

Support from our participants last year allowed us to send a record 702 individuals to Camp Easter Seal at a cost of over $1,700 per camper. This experience is not only one of a lifetime for the campers, but it also provides an often much needed respite for their families, who can rest easy knowing their loved ones are well cared for at camp.

This year’s Drop Zone will be hosted once again by Harvard Development’s Hill Tower Centre II in Regina in August, 2021. Come dressed as a superhero or yourself (or both, if they’re the same!).

Beginning in July, we will provide opportunities for our Heroes to practice rappelling and ensure that you have the best experience possible on the big day!

Challenge yourself and change lives! #BeAHero #DropZoneSK #DropZoneYQR

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Jennifer Smith at Events@SaskAbilities.ca or call 306-374-4448.


Tickets : Free; Register

Registration for the 2021 Drop Zone event in Regina is OPEN! Register today and take the whole year to fundraise!

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Date & Time:

Sunday, August 22, 2021 (TBC)


Venue & Address :

Hill Centre Tower II, 1881 Scarth St., Regina



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