China Melody – Lantern Festival Concert

February 26, 2021

February 26, 2021




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The Lantern Festival is treated as the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration. Join us in virtually celebrating the Lantern Festival of the OX year with another grand Chinese music concert performed by Suzhou Chinese Orchestra.

The concert will be available to watch for free on February 26(Friday) @ 8pm on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Performed by: Suzhou Chinese Orchestra
Conductor Pang Ka Pang

Jiangsu folk music features varied repertoires and diverse styles. As an excellent folk orchestra in Jiangsu, the Suzhou Chinese Orchestra is known for its lively and smart playing style through bold innovation.

The concert accumulates works from famous composers, including Guan Naizhong’s “A Journey in Lhasa” which depicts the mystical yet beautiful nature and people of the holy place of Tibet; Xu Changjun’s “Dragon Dance” and Liu Changyuan’s “Dragon Soaring in the East” express the festive atmosphere by using a lot of percussions in their respective works. The iconic composer of the current Chinese orchestra world – Wang Danhong’s “Yangge on the Strings” depicts the dancing of the northern people in the Lantern Festival; Yangqin Concerto “Rhapsody” composed by Wang Danhong will be performed by guest yangqin soloist Liu Yinxuan. The concert will be conducted by the celebrated conductor, SUCO’s artistic director and chief conductor Mr. Pang Ka Pang. In this special year, we use music to give our best prayers to the great “OX Year” !

Conductor Pang Ka Pang
Pang Ka Pang is the artistic director and principal conductor of the China Broadcast Traditional Orchestra, and Suzhou Chinese Orchestra. He also serves as musical director and principal conductor of the Macao Chinese Orchestra and the Oriental Symphony Orchestra of China. He is also a guest professor of the Wuhan Music Conservatory of China and the artistic director and principal conductor of the Jilin Symphony Orchestra, the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, the Mozart Symphony Orchestra of Austria and the Pusan Philharmonic Orchestra of Korea.

Pang is also a member of the Musicians’ Association of China and the Standing Committee of the Chinese Ethnic Orchestra Music Association.

Who is it for?

All ages


Tickets : free

Free to watch at YouTube and Facebook.

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Date: Friday February 26, 2021 |8PM

Live Show

1.5 hours

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online, n/a

Wheelchair accessible

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