Paris of the Prairies

October 10, 2020

October 10, 2020




Events Description

Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra
Eric Paetkau, Music Director

A tale of two cities…after our musical excursion to Paris, we knew what we had to musically explore our very own Paris of the Prairies!

A night of music from prairie composers including Murray Adaskin, Cris Derksen, Jocelyn Morlock, and more. Our beautiful river banks have always made for a great comparison to the city of lights, which gives us a chance to showcase a piece of music that was written for the SSO in 1964 with a Paris connection!

To coincide with the opening of the Mendel Art Gallery, the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra commissioned renowned composer Harry Somers to write a new work that helped celebrate music and art…the work has gone on to be one of the most loved Canadian orchestral pieces ever written. Somers’ Picasso Suite showcases the periods of Pablo Picasso’s life and art through a musical exploration ranging from the avant-garde to jazz. Now with our very own Picasso collection right here in town, we knew this was the perfect chance to bring a little bit of Pablo’s Paris back to Saskatoon.

The SSO is reimaginging the possibilities for what concerts we can bring to the stage for our 90th season and still address the risks and protocols required to ensure safety for musicians and audiences during the pandemic.

We’re trying something completely different this year – we’re taking a musical trip around the world, so each and every concert is a musical trip. To ensure that we can keep adapting to the Saskatchewan Public Health requirements, we’re planning trips a month or two at a time. So we’ll be constantly revealing concerts that are coming up!

Each concert will be available for livestream and video on demand through our new Digital Concert Stream – available for purchase in September.



Tickets: Digital ticket $15

In-person tickets will be made available to subscribers first.

How to get tickets?

Buy Online

Digital Concert Stream will allow anyone with the internet to watch the SSO through the website. You can pay-per-view or buy a subscription for the year for just $95.

Tickets to the Digital Concert Stream will be available beginning September 8th.


Date & Time:

Saturday, October 10, 2020 | 7:30 PM

There will be a live stream of the concert on the day of and then an option to see the concert whenever and as many times you like with video/symphony on demand available through the SSO Stream.


Venue & Address :

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