January 25, 2020

January 25, 2020


Vangelis Tavern, 801 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon


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When it comes to grindcore, few bands these days can top the overwhelming barrage of wrath and aggression unloaded on the listener/spectator by Calgary’s WAKE. In a career spanning a mere seven years, this Canadian unit of aural assassins have brought terror and war to crowds all over the northern hemisphere, destroying venues across Europe and North America on multiple occasions, and establishing themselves as an infamous and unstoppable killing machine when it comes to performing live. In this sense the band’s name seems to perfectly match their nature within the live environment: leave nothing standing – level everything in an endless wake of terror and destruction. But WAKE are far from being only and aural cataclysm restricted to the live environment, quite the opposite, as the band has released a string of albums and splits that speak for themselves, and are just another horrifying statement of the violence and sheer aggression which nests inside the soul of this band.

Obroa-skai- Obroa-skai combine pummelling hardcore and harsh noise elements to create their unique brand of screamo. Blistering fast and emotionally drenched songs intertwined with atmospheric and crushing drone. Hailing from the always evolving music scene of Edmonton, Alberta, this larger than life three-piece released their self-tited debut via AughtVoid in early 2019. Related acts include Mahria, Rayleigh, as well as Kuroi Jukai and Falsehood.

Man Meat- Formed in November, 2014 as a punk trio, Man Meat, dug their heels in deep to establish their sludgy noise rock sound. Man Meat’s first release, “Hail Nothing Eat Shit”, debuted in spring of 2016. Since then, the band has completed two western Canadian tours as well as countless out of town mini tours through the prairie provinces.“Dirt Fight” Man Meat’s second EP release (October 2018), is an allegory of anger, signalling a sonic storm brewing on the horizon of the band’s creative pathway. As if “make us louder and heavier” is the band’s motto, they continuously gain momentum, opening for bands such as Adolyne (Saskatoon), Wake (Calgary), Yamantaka//Sonic Titan (Toronto), Greys (Toronto) and All Souls (Los Angeles). They’ve also played noted festivals such as Sled Island (2018/2017), Massif Festival (2017/2018), Break Out West (2018), Femme Wave (2017), and MOSOfest (2016). Man Meat is currently writing and recording their upcoming LP “You Deserve Better”, expected to be released late spring of 2020.


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Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020 | 10:00 PM

Venue & Address

Vangelis Tavern, 801 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon

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