Winter City Snow Glow

December 15, 2020

March 31, 2021


Meewasin Valley Trail, Saskatoon


Events Description


Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan is pleased to share Winter City Snow Glow, a winter wonderland of lighting designs to help brighten your winter during our darkest months! J.J. Neufled has created a plethora of engaging designs to delight Saskatonians as they pass through our site on the Meewasin Valley Trail from December 15, 2020 to March 31, 2021. For most of the winter each lighting show (with only a couple exceptions) will run daily from 6:00 AM until sunrise and then from sunset to 11:00 PM.

J.J.’s incredible work was made possible by the Winter City YXE Grant and Community Grant Program 2020 – funded by Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund and the City of Saskatoon. We are also pleased to share that local philanthropists Wally and Colleen Mah made a $100,000 contribution to our Staging the Future Capital Campaign, and that $50,000 of that amount was matched by the Robert Steane Fund for the Arts at your Saskatoon Community Foundation. This incredible gift helped us install this amazing Festival Site Lighting package for everyone in Saskatoon to enjoy for years to come!

Artistic Descriptions of Lighting Designs:

  • Ice Garden: A mix of soaring blues, magical violets and shimmering teals in the palette of fantasy ice castles from imaginary lands.
  • Christmas Town: A walk down a street merrily decorated for the season. Bright colours and holiday twinkles!
  • Aurora Glow: Soft glowy greens and hints of pink flow and bend across the site in a tribute to the aurora borealis that dance in the winter sky.
  • Moonlight Bonfire: Warm colours drift and occasionally flicker amongst the trees. Over at the amphitheatre, a bonfire where friends can gather.
  • Snow Sparke: Snow Sparkle seeks to capture the twinkle of tiny crystals in the fresh fallen snow, and echo the blueness of snowdrifts under a prairie sunrise.
  • Otherworldly Forest: Shakespeare wrote often of the supernatural. Wander into a colourful otherworld inhabited by playful spirits, and let your imagination roam.
  • Twilight Splendour: Lower wavelength colours wash over the paths and benches, cooler shades of the colour spectrum shift and mingle on the fallen snow.
  • Rainbow Winds: A celebration of sweeping colours, moving as the breezes pass over the prairies.
  • Welcome to the O: In Henry V, Shakespeare used the phrase “Wooden O” to describe his beloved Globe Theatre. To theatre makers ever since, “this Wooden O” has become a beautiful way to describe our sacred theatre spaces whether they be wood, concrete, glass, or simply found space where we tread the boards and tell our story. Creators JJ Neufeld and Will Brooks have used this phrase as inspiration to create a lighting and sound installation for the new Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan site and amphitheatre. Come on down and explore the amphitheatre and you will find that your motion through the space triggers sound and lights that evoke the ghosts of Shakespeare’s works. While these times do not allow us to gather and experience an actor live in the “Wooden O”, we have created this piece to give light in the darkness and to allow us to spend time exploring this space and dreaming of the day when these ghosts can be replaced with actors once again.
  • River Flow / Ice Breakup: coming soon!
  • Spring Flowers: coming soon!


Date & Time: December 15, 2020 to March 31, 2021 | 6AM to sunrise, and sunset to 11PM

Lighting Design Schedule:

December 15 – Wally & Colleen Mah Festival Lighting Launch with a demo of the first four designs: Aurora Glow, Snow Sparkle, Moonlight Bonfire and Ice Garden

December 16 to 20 and 22 to 27 – Ice Garden

December 24 & 25 – Christmas Town!

December 29 to January 3 – Aurora Glow

January 5 to 10 – Moonlight Bonfire

January 12 to 17 – Snow Sparkle

January 19 to 24 – Otherworldly Forest

January 26 to 31 – Twilight Splendour

February 2 to 7 – Rainbow Winds

February 10 to 28 – Welcome to the O: An activatable lighting and sound installation!

March 2 to 7 and 9 to 14 – River Flow / Ice Breakup

March 16 to 21 and 23 to 29 – Spring Flowers

**With the exception of the Welcome to the O in February each lighting show will run Tuesday to Sunday from 6:00AM until sunrise and then from sunset to 11:00PM.

Venue: Meewasin Valley Trail
The venue is accessible along the Meewasin River Valley Trail right beside the University Bridge.

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