Broken Social Scene

December 16, 2021

December 16, 2021

$62.85 to $86.55

Massey Hall, 178 Victoria Street, Toronto



Events Description


Celebrating 20 years as a band, Broken Social Scene will make their Massey Hall headlining debut on December 16, 2021 – the very first general admission event at the Hall!

At the dawn of the 21st-century, just as the internet began infecting every aspect of our daily lives, Toronto musicians Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning began building a social network of their own. Like other such networks you’re familiar with, it quickly expanded to include friends, and friends of friends. It became a place where they could live out their best lives or fret about the fragile state of the world. And yes, occasionally, it became a forum for arguments and oversharing. But this social network didn’t require you to stay glued to your smartphone to take part in it. Quite the opposite: Since debuting in 2001, Broken Social Scene have personified the unyielding, incomparable power of IRL human connection.

Throughout their two-decade run, Broken Social Scene have achieved all the markers of modern indie success—rave reviews from Pitchfork, invites to play Coachella and Lollapalooza, multiple JUNO Awards and Letterman appearances, and name-drops in Lorde songs. And their victories have ultimately been Toronto’s, through the establishment of a record label (Arts & Crafts) and music festival (Field Trip) that became rallying points for the local scene and nurtured the next generation of indie upstarts. But arguably Broken Social Scene’s greatest accomplishment is their mere existence, as a conglomerate that continues to defy all logistical convention and musical expectations. They’re living proof that underdogs are most effective when travelling in a pack, that mass audiences can be led into uncharted waters through collective enthusiasm, and that the better world we all dream of begins with community.

In both sound and personnel, Broken Social Scene has changed a lot since their 2001 inception. But one thing has remained constant—at the end of every show, Kevin Drew bids the crowd adieu by telling everyone to “enjoy your lives.” More than just a simple farewell, those words are a call to action—to put down your goddamn phone, get outside, and be part of a social scene of your own.

Who is it for?

All ages


Tickets : $62.85 to $86.55

Tickets On Sale:

To Members: Wednesday, June 16 at 12 pm
To AMEX Front Of The Line: Thursday, June 17 at 2 pm
To Public: Monday, June 21 at 12 pm

How to get tickets?

Buy online

Phone: 416-872-4255



Date: Thursday December 16, 2021 to Thursday December 16, 2021

Thursday, December 16, 2021 | 8:00 PM

Venue & Address

Massey Hall , 178 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON M5B 1T7

Wheelchair accessible

Paid Parking

Accessible by Public Transport

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