Clown Scenes

October 27, 2018

October 27, 2018


The Ernest Balmer Studio, Trinity Street, Toronto

(647) 529-2552


Events Description

“Clown Scenes” wrote by Tristan Remy (1897-1977) who was a French circus historian, and has pursued the little band of surviving clowns who worked in the old tradition, carefully recording their scenes.

“Clown Scenes” are consists of short performances of different stories. It consists of fun characters that don’t actually behave like ordinary adults. “Clown Scenes” takes you to the world of clowns who are seeking for friends, entertainment, and communication tools. The characters uniqueness and how hard they are trying to look attractive, creative, and playful is interesting.

Michael Janetakes, Yalda Liaghati, Caswell Shaw, Sam Toca, David Jadidi, Anjali Rai, Tom Lute, Neil Hewitt

Assistant director: Sara Imany
Stage manager: Karim Kia

Make up designer: Farshideh Nasrin
Assistant make up artists: Mahsa Noori , Hoda Mirjafari

Props by David Jadidi, Anjali Rai, Sara Salahi

Sound by Farzad Beigi , Navid Carimy (
Head of Sound: Adrian G Grigoras
Lighting by Yu Liang

Poster designers: Mehrdad Khademi, Babak Safari
Photographer: Mahsa Noori

Sponsers: Ardeshir Legal Services Firm, Salam Toronto Publications, Shahrema Publications, Janetakes Art Studio, Mehr Graphic, Safari Graphic Design Studio (

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Tickets : $20
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Date & Time: Saturday, October 27 | 5 pm and 8 pm

Venue: Ernest Balmer Studio (Distillery District)

Free Parking
Public transport accessible

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[email protected]

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