DOCUMENTARY Shorts Film Festival

December 2, 2019

December 2, 2019


Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton Street, Toronto


Events Description

A showcase of the DOCUMENTARY Short Films from around the world today.

THURSDAY FIELDS, 20min, USA, Documentary
Directed by Harry Zernike

THE NIGHT SHIFT, 5min., USA, Documentary
Directed by Max Mollring & Ian Burris
A short gritty slice of life documentary that offers a glimpse into the life of Angelo, a homeless man in San Francisco who collects recycling in order to survive. The film follows Angelo through his nightly routine and explores how he has all of the traits of a successful entrepreneur, but makes much less than minimum wage. We are confronted by his surprisingly optimistic demeanor, the ins and outs of the underground recycling economy, and the tragic contradiction of a city rife with Tech money yet home to an ever growing homeless population.

TERMINATED: TEETH & TINDER, 4min., UK, Documentary
Directed by Freya Billington
A triptych swiping between the fallout of a marriage break up, middle-aged Tinder and a lost front tooth.

THE NAME = THE STORY, 9min., USA, Documentary
Directed by Nadia Sasso, Nofisat Sonekan
Tobore Oweh is working hard to establish artistic ground in the DMV, but things get tricky when she has to decide on revealing her immigrant status.

FRASER SYNDROME & ME, 20min., USA, Documentary
Directed by Kyle Anne Grendys
Filmmaker Kyle Anne Grendys, is only the 75th person to be born with the rare, recessive gene disorder called Fraser Syndrome. Having always felt alone in the world, she sets out on a journey to find her community and finally meets others just like her.

AT HEART, CITIZENS OF THE ESPLANDE, 29min., Canada, Documentary
Directed by Ayelen Liberona & Joseph Johnson Camí
In November 2018, Jamii premiered “At Heart, Citizens of The Esplanade”, a docu-film project created by more than 150 Esplanadians under the artistic leadership of film directors Ayelen Liberona and Joseph Johnson-Camí, and producer Isorine Marc.

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Date: Monday December 2, 2019 | 7:00 PM

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Carlton Cinemas, 20 Carlton Street

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