Living with Intention and Joy

May 14, 2021

May 14, 2021




Events Description

The stress of living through a pandemic, and now lockdown, can bring up unsettling thoughts and feelings, such as anxiety and fear. Adrienne Enns will help us see that living with intention means we get to be mindful and choose how we’re going to show up in the world. The beautiful truth is that joy is a choice, and it’s available to all of us.

By the end of the night you’ll learn:

What it means to be intentional
How to choose a life of intention and why it’s worth it
Why spring is an ideal time to set a new intention
Simple and practical examples of what living with intention and joy looks like, so that you can begin implementing ideas in your daily life, immediately
You’ll be inspired to look for opportunities to layer more joy into your daily life, and to take simple yet meaningful action every day, so that you connect with your most intentional, fulfilling and joyful life.

Learning to live with joy and intention can be life changing. And, when women are inspired to live with intention, joy and gratitude, the ripple effects are amazing!

Who is it for?


Women’s Wellness Circle


Tickets : $20

Cost is $20/person. Since we cannot be in person, please send e-transfer to prior to the Zoom Circle, using MarkhamWWC as the password.
In light of any financial challenges brought on by the pandemic, please contact us at Our goal is to make the Women’s Wellness Circle accessible and affordable for everyone.

How to get tickets?





May 14 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM EST on Zoom

Venue & Address

Zoom, Markham

Wheelchair accessible

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