Smash Escape Room

July 16, 2020

September 27, 2020


Trivia Escape Rooms,1444 Dupont Street, Toronto


Events Description


Release your frustrations with constructive destruction in the first Smash Escape Room.
Combining rage room elements with puzzles and games in order to raise funds for Black Lives Matter Toronto.

In an age of personal protective equipment, social distancing and the hesitation of touching things, we present a space which shifts that perspective to your primal advantage. Gear up and smash props that haven’t been and won’t ever again be touched by anyone else, in our sterile shipping container that lets you let loose. July 16th to September 27th, 2020.

Trivia Escape Rooms are private live escape games and our current Office theme is on hold until we can ensure the game can be played to the highest standards of health and safety during this pandemic. Teams locked inside a room, needing to explore and touch everything to win a game is difficult to promise full disinfection before the next team arrives…so we thought, “what if we just throw everything out after each team?” Thus the Smash Escape Room came to be.

We commission local artists to produce Piñata’s, cardboard stand-ups, exploding pillows, and many other papier-mâché smashable props that make our escape room literally one-of-a-kind every time. After each play, we gather the destroyed bits to shred, wash, pulp and reuse them for another batch of props. What can’t be reused is properly recycled or composted. In addition to the props, we encourage players to bring safe items from home, including old monitors, paintings, furniture or broken electronics.

Players pay online and then emailed instructions on gameplay and a code to unlock a shipping container which the game is played in. Staff is nearby, monitoring the teams from several cameras (available for rewatch!) but this is designed so you’re only interacting with your team (one to four players).

Who is it for?



Tickets : $150

Prices range from $120 to $175. Percentage of proceeds donated to Black Lives Matter Toronto.

How to get tickets?

Buy online



Date: Thursday July 16, 2020 to Sunday September 27, 2020

July 16th to September 27th, 2020. Open Thursdays to Sundays between 2pm to 10pm. Large gaps in-between teams to ensure highest health and safety practices are met.

Venue & Address

Trivia Escape Rooms, 1444 Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario M6P4H3

Wheelchair not accessible

Free Parking

Accessible by Public Transport

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