Spring Stations

May 21, 2021

June 30, 2021


Distillery & 33 Parliament St, Toronto


Events Description


In an effort to give a safe outdoor activity that can be enjoyed individually, or among groups who share the same household, Winter Stations is bringing Spring Stations.

For 2021 edition, reflect back on the year we have left behind and consider what refuge means to each of us: a shelter; a place of comfort and security, a sanctuary. As a community we may offer refuge. As individuals, we may protect one another, providing respite from danger or insulation from harsh realities. Refuge evokes discovery and the idea of exploring remote places. It reflects a renewed appreciation of the outdoors, while highlighting the importance of our safe spaces.

Launched in 2014, Winter Stations invites the international design and art community to reimagine the lifeguard stations along Toronto’s east end beaches for the winter. The competition has seen entries from over 90 countries, bringing the world of design to the water’s edge. Founded as a collaboration between local firms RAW Design, Ferris + Associates and Curio, Winter Stations is heading into its seventh year, and continues to capture the imagination of the city.



May 21 to late July: ARc de Blob, From Small Beginnings, and The Epitonium @ Distillery District, Toronto
May 21 to late July: Throbber @ 33 Parliament Street Toronto

At Woodbine Beach (The Beaches) in July 2021 (dates and exact location TBD): ARc de Blob

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