TSO On Demand: Beethoven Septet

February 12, 2021

March 4, 2021



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Chamber music formed the soundtrack to most social occasions in Vienna at the turn of the 19th century.

By virtue of their size, small ensembles could perform most anywhere with little set-up and without occupying much space, including in private residences. How fitting, then, that members of the TSO will perform Beethoven’s most crowd-pleasing contribution to the chamber music repertoire—his Septet—right inside your home!

The only complete movement from the String Trio in B‑flat Major, D. 471, by Schubert, a devoted disciple of Beethoven’s, and a Ludwig-inspired reorchestration for septet of TSO RBC Affiliate Composer Emilie LeBel’s woodwind quintet, Haareis auf Morschem Holz (hair ice on rotten wood), round out the program.

This concert is approximately 60 minutes in length and will feature 17 musicians from the Orchestra.

Schubert: String Trio in B-flat Major, D. 471 – Mvt. I [8’] Emilie LeBel: Haareis auf Morschem Holz (hair ice on rotten wood) [9’] Beethoven: Septet [42’]


Tickets: $20


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Available Friday, February 12–Thursday, March 4, 2021


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