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March 17, 2021

January 19, 2022

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Listen to this contains four audio plays created by a Western Canadian playwright who is affiliated with the Emerging Playwrights’ Unit or Silver Commissions Project.

UNEXPECTING By Bronwyn Carradine | February 10–September 15

Married couple Annie and Josephine have been trying to start a family for the past five years. As their patience and pennies start to dry up, they begin to second-guess their choices, until another chance at a baby literally bursts through the front door. Unexpecting is a comedic exploration of marriage, friendship, and modern motherhood.

Running time: 1 H 41 MIN

NIGHT PASSING by Scott Butto | March 17–October 27

Ottawa, 1958. A young man moves from a rural town to the big city, hoping to reckon with his emerging sexuality—and comes face to face with the horrific, oppressive acts against the queer population there. Night Passing is inspired by the true stories of LGBTQ+ Canadians who endured brutal harassment at the hands of their own government, and the vital resistance that followed.

Running time: 2 H 15 MIN

SOMEONE LIKE YOU by Christine Quintana | May 19–January 19

A boyfriend from hell. A nightmare apartment. A botched Tinder date. Isabelle and Kristen have been through a lot together. But the arrival of Kristen’s new romantic interest leaves Isabelle wondering how long she can stay in a supporting role. This new comedy launches Cyrano de Bergerac into the 21st century: mistaken identities, millennial manifestos, and the quest for self-love. Who might be waiting in the wings?

MY FATHER IS THE GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD by Tai Amy Grauman | September 15–May 15

Rose grew up on a farm in small-town Alberta with her Métis family. Now a country singer in Nashville and pregnant with her first baby, Rose returns home with questions for her father, John. Once a trapper on the land, John has worked in the oil field since Rose was born. What from his past can help unlock her child’s future?




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