Little Shrimp

April 8, 2021

May 2, 2021

$50 for all 3

At Home


Events Description


Little Shrimp is a bilingual audio play about intergenerational relationships within Chinese culture.

Where do stories live? How are stories passed on from one generation to the next? Do our ancestors live within us?

The show’s Cantonese title, 蝦仔 (“little shrimp” in English), is an endearing, diminutive, and gender-neutral term for a small child. Commonly used about 2 generations ago roughly around the turn of the last century, the term connotes a kinship between the child and the adult.

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Individual Play Packs: $50 for all 3 AudioPLAY shows

Family of 4 Play Packs: $110 for all 3 AudioPLAY shows
(Additional adults: $10 per show, Additional kids: $5 per show)

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Date & Time:

April 8 – May 2, 2021


Venue: At Home

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