Communicating Doors

May 4, 2019

May 25, 2019

$15 to $25

Metro Theatre, 1370 S.W. Marine Drive, Vancouver

604 266 7191


Events Description

It’s Back to the Future, with sex and violence.  Wronged women get the upper hand on destiny in a hotel suite with a pair of doors that connect adjoining rooms internally in Alan Ayckbourn’s comedy thriller COMMUNICATING DOORS.  Directed by Catherine Morrison, Metro Theatre is delighted to bring this time warp to our stage May 4 – 25.

Poopay, a nervy dominatrix, has been procured for a dying corrupt magnate, Reece, who doesn’t want her for what she usually gets paid for.  Instead Reece wants Poopay to witness a confession about his nefarious  evil deeds and those of his villainious business partner Julian.  Among the details that Reece reveals is the unsettling news that he masterminded the murder of his two wives, Ruella and Jessica. Julian gets wise to the fact that Poopay knows about his crimes and naturally plans to get rid of her.

Poopay escapes the murderous henchman through the communicating door of the ritzy London hotel room.  Much to her surprise, she swooshes decades backward through time where she meets the tycoon’s second wife, Ruella.  Having figured out what has happened, the two women team up traveling backward and forward in time and forewarn the first wife, Jessica, who is on her honeymoon and not pleased about the interruption. Circumstances lead to dragging Harold an amusing hotel detective who has ‘seen everything’ into the story. The three ladies make a determined trio of avenging angels and armed with foreknowledge, become agents of change.

Director Catherine Morrison: “If you could go back in time, what in your past would you like to change?  How would you re-write your personal history?  The women of Communicating Doors get that chance.”


Tickets :$25 Adults or $22 Student/Senior
Special 2 for $37 each Thursday
Preview (final dress rehearsal) $15

How to get tickets?

Box Office 604 266 7191



Date & Time:

May 4 to 25, 2019

Thursday to Saturday  | 08:00 PM

Matinees on May 12 & 19, 2019. | 02:00 PM



Venue & Address :

Metro Theatre
1370 S.W. Marine Drive

Next to the on-ramp to the Arthur Laing Bridge by Marine Drive and Granville .

There is plenty of easy parking – in the parking lot, on the street, even ‘All Evening Parking’ for $4 at the Liquor Store Lot just up the street from Metro.

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