January 29, 2020

February 8, 2020


Havana Theatre,1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver


Events Description

Backbone Theatre Collective presents the fierce and timely one-woman play Spine by Clara Brennan, featuring Kate Besworth (Bard on the Beach) and directed by Wendy Bollard.

Spine is a pan-generational and heart-breaking call to arms for our modern age that charts the explosive friendship between a ferocious, wise-cracking teenager and an elderly East End widow. Mischievous activist pensioner Glenda is hell-bent on leaving a political legacy and saving Amy from the Tory scrapheap because “there’s nothing more terrifying than a teenager with something to say”.

Who is it for?

All ages


Tickets : $10-20

$20/Two-for-one Jan 29/Feb 1

How to get tickets?

Buy online

Email: nakedgoddessproductions@gmail.com



Date: Wednesday January 29, 2020 to Saturday February 8, 2020

Jan 29 Preview 8pm
Jan 30 Opening Night 8pm
Feb 1/2 8pm
Feb 5-8 8pm

110 minutes

Venue & Address

Havana Theatre, 1212 Commercial Drive

Wheelchair accessible

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