TAIWANfest: The Survived

September 5, 2020

September 7, 2020

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Events Description

Dedicated to promoting Taiwanese Arts and Culture, TAIWANfest focus on contemporary artistic expressions and present programs that reflect today’s Taiwan.

“The Survived” is a virtual and post-COVID-19 platform which aims to invoke the sharing of knowledge and understanding of diversity through meaningful dialogues of arts and culture between Taiwan and Canada.

This past year, we have faced some of the worst global crises the world has seen in recent times. Across the news, and social media, we have seen the darkness within people, but it has also brought the opportunity to highlight the good. 2020 TAIWANfest is making the pivot to bring you “The Survived”, a platform for virtual talks, exhibitions, and a large art installation that hopes to inspire change through arts and culture and serve as a reminder to re-think our own values and refocus our priorities: People, governments and nations make mistakes, but the worst mistake humanity can make is turning against each other.

“The Survived” consists of a series of programming that aims to continue the meaningful dialogues that the festival has been engaged in since 2016. Conversations on diversity will always be important as we move towards an increasingly integrated society. Our regular series of Hope Talks will be conducted in an online format, along with Artist Talks that include local and international artists from past iterations of TAIWANfest. These conversations can be held, not only verbally, but through music as well, and we will get to see trans-Pacific musicians converse within a unique live-streamed symphony concert – “The Island and Maple Leaf”. TAIWANfest’s food demonstration program Friendship Kitchen is also making a virtual spin that allows us to get an inside peek of local chefs’ kitchens as they recreate their favourite recipes. As the festival continues to engage with local artists, we can explore these messages through the online virtual exhibitions “Behind the Masks” and “I’m different, just like you!”, two programs that speak on the theme of diversity among people, especially those who are ever-more important in our society today – the front-line workers. Speaking further on that theme, “Sky” is a special physical installation taking place in downtown Vancouver that hopes to show that despite our geographical differences, we all look towards that same sky that looms over our heads, further reaffirming that we are all in this together. Through these programs and more, “The Survived” will be a platform to learn, grow, and soar higher together.

Who is it for?

All ages

Free Admission


Date & Time:

September 5 – 7, 2020


Venue : Online

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