TAIWANfest Vancouver – Wandering Melodic Road

September 5, 2021

September 5, 2021




Events Description


The Tune will be bringing in a virtual concert program for TAIWANfest this year. This unconventional way of having a virtual workshop and concert to perform to audiences will be sure to be a striking new experience for everybody who has never viewed a concert virtually. The Tune will be sharing their virtual performance titled “Wandering Melodic Road”. The beauty with their virtual performance, from all the way in South Korea is that it can be viewed anywhere in the world, not only for folks in Vancouver.

The Tune’s nomadic band consists of a haeguem, a piano, folk vocals and various percussion instruments.Their performance is the perfect piece of showcasing this year’s TAIWANfest’s dialogue of South Korea. The Tune who are based in South Korea have a perfect sense of how to truly find that blissful connection between Taiwan and South Korea’s culture. Their music is not to be heard and be forgotten, but it is a performance that will leave listeners with a taste of Korean traditional music that will live on through the countless replays of wanting more from them. This performance is extremely accessible no matter where you are, hurry and come check out this performance that is brought to you all the way from South Korea. Visit https://vancouvertaiwanfest.ca/ for more details.

Who is it for?

Family & kids


Tickets : Free

How to get tickets?

Buy online

Not Required



Date: Sunday September 5, 2021

All Day on https://vancouvertaiwanfest.ca/

Venue & Address

Virtual – Online, Vancouver BC

Wheelchair not accessible

No parking

Not accessible by Public Transport

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