Born in Power Safe at Home Manitoba Programming

February 12, 2021

February 15, 2021




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In recognition of Black History Month, the Winnipeg Art Gallery is thrilled to unveil a series of virtual programming for the exhibition Born in Power, curated by Jaimie Isaac, WAG Curator of Indigenous and Contemporary Art. With support from the Safe at Home Manitoba Grant Program, the series makes it easier to #stayathome, giving free access to thought-provoking talks, tours and community programming.

Born in Power presents Indigenous and Black representation in photography, film, and text from a self-determined lens. The exhibition considers the power of photography and film to capture and create constructs of identity and consider the history of photography and media as a colonial tool, an imperial weapon of racial violence and objectification. Born in Power presents primarily womxn and nonbinary/enby identities that embody representations of the self and community as acts of reclamation and image sovereignty to occupy space. The new exhibition has been installed at the WAG since November 2020, but the opening has been postponed due to the pandemic. Now, thanks to the Government of Manitoba, this critical and timely show will be experienced through rich programming no matter where you are in the world.

Enduring a collective history of resistance, intersectional oppression, discrimination, and objectification, the artists from Indigenous and Black identities use photography to defy stereotypes and Eurocentric standards – defining identity for themselves without the influence of society’s expectations and impositions. Representations of intergenerational Indigenous and Afro/Black bodies are recast, re-scripted, challenged, and countered by self-determined and familial power.

About Born in Power Safe at Home Manitoba Programming

  • Stay in and stay warm this weekend with the Born In Power opening celebration with DJ Kilusan from Studio 393 LIVE on Instagram this Friday, February 12 from 5-7pm.
  • Artist talks with featured artists from the exhibition. Auntie Lens will share perspectives from inspiring “Aunties” in the community.
  • Community-led tours and responders from local Winnipeggers, including the Bannock Babes and many more artists, educators, and community organizers.
  • Virtual performances from artists, musicians, DJs, and poets.
  • Artist-led virtual studio classes, around themes presented in the exhibition.
  • Storytelling Saturday mornings with Black and Indigenous children’s book authors.
  • Virtual artist studio-visits with Black and Indigenous artists in the community.




Date & Time:

Opening celebration ~ Friday, February 12, 2021 | 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Rest of Schedule TBA


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