DIY Craft Bar Summer Work Shops for Tweens and Teens

July 7, 2020

August 14, 2020


DIY Craft Bar, 1400 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg

Events Description

Come To DIY Craft Bar For Some Crafty Summer Fun!

Each day of the week we will explore different crafting experiences. Students will learn and work with many different art mediums. They will take home 2 fun and functional projects everyday (except for string art Wednesday due to the length of time of the project)

Tuesday – We will start off the first half of the day learning how to work with Vegetable tanned /leather. Students will choose to make any of our leather wallets or accessories. They will learn the basic techniques of cutting, prepping and dyeing leather, and then assembling their project. After lunch, we will have fun making a personalized wood sign for their room or to give to someone special. Cost $55 ( plus applicable taxes)

Wednesday- We will have some fun with hammers and nails and dive into the old craft of string art. Popular from the 70’s, this craft has come back into full “string”. Students can choose any pattern we have available to make, or we can print out something special for them upon request. Cost $40 ( plus applicable taxes)

Thursday – We will start the day off by creating a cement craft. They can choose from either plant pots or cement coasters. They will carefully and accurately measure, mix and pour the cement into the molds. While we wait for the cement to set, we will get a little messy and dive into Fluid paint pouring. Students will learn the basic techniques of fluid art on a small test canvas first. After lunch, we will jump back to the cement project, and spend the rest of the day painting and decorating the cement projects. A plant is included if they selected to make a plant pot. For this class, the fluid painting will have to be picked up the next day, as it takes 24 hours to dry. Cost $65 ( plus applicable taxes)

Friday – The final day, we will have some fun and make a Sunburst mirror. Students will have to be patient for this one. They will paint more then 60 individual sticks, and then attach each individual stick to create this décor craft. This craft makes a great addition to any bedroom! After lunch, we will get a little messy and creative making tie dye shirts. We will go through various techniques of dying the shirt so the students can make a one of a kind creation they can wear! If you register for this class, please specify your child’s t-shirt size so we can order in advance. Cost $50 ( plus applicable taxes)

**Age requirement is 11-16

**Students are required to pack a lunch for all days. We have a microwave on site, so students can bring lunches that require heating. We have water, and we will provide a drink of their choice and a snack for them every day.

**Parents will be required to sign a waiver on behalf of their child prior to attending the class. Waivers will be provided at the beginning of each class.

**Please add the child’s information in the message. Include their name, age, and allergies if any.

** We Provide smocks to craft in. Please make sure your child is not wearing hers/his favorite clothes during the classes. We will be working with lots of paints and dyes and messes can and will happen.

**If you do not want purchase through eventbrite, and avoid the fees, please call us during business hours at 204-772-8640 or email us at and we can take payment at the shop.


Tickets : $48.66 – $250.66

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Date & Time:

Tuesday, July 07, 2020, 10:00 AM to Friday, August 14, 2020, 2:00 PM


DIY Craft Bar, 1400 Sargent Avenue #Unit 2, Winnipeg, MB R3E 0G5

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