FMG Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival

September 6, 2019

September 8, 2019


The Forks, Winnipeg


Events Description

A Partnership of Caring focused on Patient Care and Support. All funds raised stay in Manitoba.

The traditional boats used in most modern day events are 12 meters in length, constructed of solid teak and weigh approximately 1500 lbs. They are propelled by 20 paddlers, guided by a Cox or Steersperson and kept in rhythm by a drummer seated at the bow of the boat, maintaining a steady, and powerful pace for the duration of the traditional 500 meter course.

A sheer strength advantage in each individual paddler rarely results in victory. Teamwork combined with a good strength to weight ratio is the key. Well coordinated female and mixed crews routinely defeat all-male crews.

Each race takes approx. 2.5 min., but heats are run every 12-15 min. allowing for teams to load and unload their boats. Boats race in heats of 3 to 4 boats across. Total team work and a little spirit of competition make each race exciting!

Above all FMG Dragon Boat racing is great fun. It is extremely user friendly and anyone, young or old, at any fitness level can quickly adapt to and develop a passion for this sport.




Date & Time: September 6 – 8, 2019

Venue & Address : The Forks, Winnipeg

Paid Parking
Public transport accessible

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