MCO + Cluster: Warp / Weave (Reimagined)

September 27, 2020

September 27, 2020

$10 - $20

Winnipeg Art Gallery, 300 Memorial Boulevard, Winnipeg


Events Description

Slow Spirit, Raine Hamilton, Larry Strachan & the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra
—presented by the MCO and Cluster Festival

Yeet! The MCO is delighted to announce their first concert of the 2020-21 season: a surprise show on 27 September with Winnipeg indie darlings Slow Spirit and Raine Hamilton, conducted by Larry Strachan, presented in collaboration with the Cluster Festival. Held at the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Eckhardt Hall, the concert’s atmosphere will be enriched by its spacious, art-clad setting – an elegant frame for Slow Spirit’s baroque pop and Hamilton’s word paintings. We’re really, really looking forward to it.

The change of space, from our usual venue of Westminster Church, will not be the only thing different about this concert. It will also be our first regular season concert with a social distancing protocol, which will reflect the most up-to-date government guidelines. With a max audience size of 30 attendees – seated at a reasonable distance from one another – we expect tickets to sell-out quickly.

It’s easy to see why. A 2018 Canadian Folk Music Award winner, Raine Hamilton tells stories and jokes, plays the fiddle and guitar, and sings over her distinctive mélange of folk and classical music. She is a brilliant songwriter and a huge audience hit. We’re very curious to hear what arranger Kenley Kristofferson has done to expand her songs’ original, intricate arrangements – generally for guitar, violin, cello, and bass – for a larger orchestral ensemble like the MCO.

Led by singer-bassist and erstwhile jazz student Natalie Bohrn, Slow Spirit is undeniably one of Winnipeg’s most admired bands. Their sophisticated pop sound, gentle here and frenetic there, recalls Radiohead at their warmest and Françoise Hardy at her coolest. Stylus is succinct: “Slow Spirit conjures the sublime.” Eric Roberts is the arranger for this extraordinary setting of their music combining the band and our orchestra. This is, as far as we know, their first live show since the May 2020 release of their album Nowhere No One Knows Where To Find You. If circumstances permitted us to sell another 1000 tickets, we’re sure we would.

Larry Strachan is one of Winnipeg’s most eclectically talented music figures. Founder and director of Chamber Orchestra Without Borders and MUSAIC, he is also a composer, pianist, teacher, lecturer, and conductor (Masters of Orchestral Conducting from Shenandoah Conservatory). Larry’s finely detailed, and deeply emotive, music is heard on CBC and garnered him the Frances Seaton Award (Manitoba Choral Association). He has conducted performances with the Prince George Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra, Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Orchestra, and the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra.

Oh, and we can’t fail to mention our performance of selections from William Walton’s Henry V Suite. A contemporary of Benjamin Britten, Walton has been a favourite of the MCO’s for many years. Though also a composer of symphonies, ballets, and opera, he is perhaps best known today for his scores for many great British films of the 1930s and 1940s. For instance, he composed the Suite we’re performing this afternoon for the 1944 film adaptation, starring Laurence Olivier, of Shakespeare’s Henry V. In this cinematic spirit, our performance will feature projections of a delightful animation by Neil Mcinnes created as visual accompaniment for this piece.

Who is it for?


Tickets: $20 for adults and seniors and $10 for students and those under-30 (incl. GST)

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Date & Time: Sunday, September 27, 2020 | 1:00 PM & 3:30 PM


Venue: Eckhardt Hall in the Winnipeg Art Gallery, 300 Memorial Boulevard, Winnipeg


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