Outdoor Gardens at The Leaf

July 9, 2021

August 31, 2021


south-east corner of Assiniboine Park, Pavilion Crescent, Winnipeg


Events Description


The opening of the outdoor Gardens at The Leaf will reintroduce a significant outdoor space in the south-east corner of Assiniboine Park to our community. The opening of the Gardens at The Leaf represents completion of the outdoor phase of The Leaf – Canada’s Diversity Gardens project, and will open to the public on July 9.

The outdoor Gardens at The Leaf cover close to 30 acres in the south-east corner of Assiniboine Park. Visitors to the gardens will travel along a series of pathways through multiple garden vignettes and horticultural experiences.

Over the weeks, months and years to come, the gardens will evolve as they mature and change with the seasons, encouraging people to return and relish their beauty over and over again.

The outdoor Gardens at The Leaf include the Indigenous Peoples Garden, Kitchen Garden, Seasonal Garden, Sensory Garden, Performance Garden, and The Grove.

There is no entrance fee for the Gardens at The Leaf.



Date & Time:

Opening July 9, 2021

Venue:The Gardens at The Leaf are located in the south-east corner of Assiniboine Park.

The nearest parking lot is located west of the gardens and will be accessible from Locomotive Drive. The Gardens are located a short walk from the parking lot in front of The Pavilion which can be accessed from Conservatory Drive and Pavilion Crescent. Another small parking lot is located at the head of the Terry Fox Fitness Trail.

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