Six Pianos – Illuminate the Night

September 26, 2020

September 26, 2020

Free admission

Steinkopf Gardens, 555 Main Street, Winnipeg


Events Description

Six Pianos aims to unite musicians and audiences in a creative space, a welcome relief as concert stages have been rendered silent by COVID19. The conception of this performance comes from a desire to reveal the trance-like and meditative quality of minimalist music, and marry it with light to create a multi-sensory, connective experience for viewers and listeners.

The core of this project is a musical performance of repertoire written for 6 pianos. This rarely heard ensemble represents an unusual mass collective effort, analogous to the struggle we currently face against COVID19 – each performance requires individual accountability and collective care in order to succeed. Electro-acoustician Andy Rudolph has generously lent his support to this project, and will install a glowing orb with changing colours triggered by audio inputs coming from each piano.

The 6 pianists will perform the repertoire on 6 keyboards, each amplified by its own external speaker to allow for the instruments to stay autonomous, while allowing their sound to blend in the outdoor space. Proposed repertoire for the evening includes Steve Reich’s 6 pianos (1973, 20 minutes) and Kate Moore’s Sensitive spot (2005, 10 minutes). Each 30 minute performance will be delivered hourly for a total of 5 times in an outdoor space. The auditory experience for each listener will vary depending on where they are situated.

The Six Pianos performance, in conjunction with lighting designer Andy Rudolph, will be a spectacle for the eyes and ears. The intense physicality of six pianists performing live will be reflected in a pulsating, shifting light display, and the hypnotic rhythms of Steve Reich and Kate Moore will provide an immersive sound atmosphere for everyone who passes by the installation.

6 Pianos features
Darryl Friesen
Madeline Hildebrand
Everett Hopfner
Lisa Rumpel
Theresa Thordarson
Naomi Woo.

Light Installation Artist Andy Rudolph



Tickets: Free performance


Date & Time:

Saturday, September 26, 2020 | 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Venue & Address:

Steinkopf Gardens, 555 Main Street, Winnipeg

Behind the Centennial Concert Hall

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