List of Ontario Hot Spots Neighbourhoods Eligible For COVID-19 Vaccines

Premier Doug Ford has announced that the province plans to start vaccinating people aged 18 and older living in COVID-19 hot spots, including teachers and essential workers.

The province says mobile teams will deliver vaccines in congregate settings, residential buildings, faith-based centres and large employers in areas hit hard by the virus.

Regions will be selected based on patterns of transmission, severe illness and mortality from COVID-19.


List of Ontario Hot Spots Neighbourhoods and Postal Codes Eligible For COVID-19 Vaccines

Postal CodeHealth UnitArea
L1SDurham (Website)Durham West
L1TDurhamDurham West
L1VDurhamDurham West
L1XDurhamDurham West
L1ZDurhamDurham West
L9EHalton (Website)Milton
K1TOttawaCentral Ottawa
K1VOttawaCentral Ottawa
K2VOttawaWestern Ottawa
L3ZSimcoe-Muskoka (Website)South Simcoe
N5HSouthwestern (Website)Elgin
L4TPeel (Website)North Etobicoke Malton West Woodbridge
L4WPeelEast Mississauga
L4XPeelEast Mississauga
L4ZPeelEast Mississauga
L5APeelEast Mississauga
L5BPeelEast Mississauga
L5RPeelEast Mississauga
L5CPeelSouth West Mississauga
L5KPeelSouth West Mississauga
L5LPeelSouth West Mississauga
L5MPeelNorth West Mississauga
L5NPeelNorth West Mississauga
L5VPeelNorth West Mississauga
L5WPeelNorth West Mississauga
M1BToronto (Website)Scarborough South
M1CToronto (Latest Updates)Scarborough South
M1ETorontoScarborough South
M1GTorontoScarborough South
M1HTorontoScarborough South
M1JTorontoScarborough South
M1KTorontoScarborough South
M1MTorontoScarborough South
M1PTorontoScarborough South
M1RTorontoScarborough South
M1XTorontoScarborough South
M2JTorontoNorth York Central
M2MTorontoNorth York Central
M2RTorontoNorth York Central
M3ATorontoNorth York Central
M3CTorontoNorth York Central
M3HTorontoNorth York Central
M4ATorontoNorth York Central
M3JTorontoNorth York West
M3KTorontoNorth York West
M3LTorontoNorth York West
M3MTorontoNorth York West
M3NTorontoNorth York West
M6BTorontoNorth York West
M6LTorontoNorth York West
M6MTorontoNorth York West
M9LTorontoNorth York West
M9MTorontoNorth York West
M9NTorontoNorth York West
M9PTorontoNorth York West
M4XTorontoMid-East Toronto
M5ATorontoMid-East Toronto
M5BTorontoMid-East Toronto
M5NTorontoNorth Toronto
M6ATorontoNorth Toronto
M5VTorontoMid-West Toronto
M6ETorontoMid-West Toronto
M6HTorontoMid-West Toronto
M6KTorontoWest Toronto
M6NTorontoWest Toronto
M8VTorontoWest Toronto
M9ATorontoSouth Etobicoke
M9BTorontoSouth Etobicoke
M9CTorontoSouth Etobicoke
M9RTorontoNorth Etobicoke
M9VTorontoNorth Etobicoke
M9WTorontoNorth Etobicoke
M1LTorontoEast Toronto
M4HTorontoEast Toronto
M1STorontoScarborough North
M1TTorontoScarborough North
M1VTorontoScarborough North
M1WTorontoScarborough North


N8XWindsor-Essex (Website)Windsor
N8HWindsor-EssexEssex South Shore
N9YWindsor-EssexEssex South Shore
L0JYork Region (Website)Western York Region
L4BYork RegionWestern York Region
L4EYork RegionWestern York Region
L4HYork RegionWestern York Region
L4JYork RegionWestern York Region
L4KYork RegionWestern York Region
L4LYork RegionWestern York Region
L6AYork RegionWestern York Region
L3SYork RegionEastern York Region
L3TYork RegionEastern York Region
L6BYork RegionEastern York Region
L6CYork RegionEastern York Region
L6EYork RegionEastern York Region
Education workers in hot spot neighbourhoods in Toronto and Peel Region will be eligible for vaccines starting next week, with plans to expand to other hard hit areas as supply allows.

Staff who work directly with special needs students across the province will also be eligible for COVID-19 shots starting next week.

The government announced the changes on Wednesday, saying clinics in high-risk areas will accept bookings from people aged 50 and older on Friday.

18+ Vaccine Clinic Updates:


**Please check back often. We will update here if we receive more information regarding pop-up clinics for 18+. **

Update April 13th: Health units in various parts of the province (especially in Toronto) are opening up vaccinations for 18+. Follow your Health Unit online or via email for the latest updates.

Update From Province (April 13th): The province says community groups will help organize COVID-19 vaccine clinics for residents aged 18 and older in “high risk” settings within virus hot spots. Details

  • Update on April 13th: 18+ Vaccine clinic — M9R, M9V, M9W, L4T or L6S at BAPS Clinic, Etobicoke starting April 14th.
  • Update on April 15 to 16: ( Toronto clinics for 18+):
    • Vaccine Clinic for 18+ for residents of M4C5L3 to M4C5L9: April 16 & 17 | 9:00 AM until runs out. Crescent Town Elementary School Playground at the Basketball court, 4 Massey Square East York. Walk-in. Take a document with your address.
    • Vaccine Clinic for 18+ for residents of M3N Postal Code: Saturday, April 17 & Sunday, April 18 | 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM @ Basketball Court, 15 Toberory Drive, for M3N Postal Code. Walk-in. Take a document with your address. Call Black Cree Community Health Centre – 647883 0316
    • Vaccine Clinic for 18+ for residents of Flemingdon Park or Thorncliffe Park: vaccine clinic on Sunday, April 18th starting at 11:30 am at Flemingdon Park Plaza. First come, first served. Proof of address required.
    • Vaccine clinics for 40+ Years of Age for Residents of M6A, M6B, M5N on Sunday, April 18, 2021 from 2 PM to 7 PM at Sahaarei Shomayim Synagogue, 470 Glencairn Ave. Must register online and bring address proof.
  • April 16th onwards: Halton Region (Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Halton Hills):Details


April 16: New Enhanced Stay-at-Home Restrictions for Ontario

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    1. Lisa Bennett

      L4H in york region is listed as a hot spot but not on the website when i went to book a vaccine. i was in line and because i didn’t meet criteria of a listed postal code i was bumped out. Here its listed yet on website even today its not.

      April 9, 2021 at 7:13 AM

      L3L 0A9 also not listed. Used to be L4L 8Z1 till Canada Post changed it. Looks like their system not updated

      April 9, 2021 at 10:10 AM
    3. Jeffrey Sider

      My postal code is L2G Niagara falls, when do I go for my vaccine?

      April 9, 2021 at 12:23 PM

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