Ontario Science Group Calls for Further Actions to Control Pandemic


Ontario’s science advisers say the province’s hospitals are “buckling” under the weight of COVID-19 and stronger measures are urgently needed.

The Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table says those measures include accelerating the vaccination of essential workers and offering them paid sick days, and closing more non-essential workplaces.

The group says hospitals are at capacity and younger people are getting sick as case counts keep hitting record highs.


It also says that policies that discourage safe outdoor activity will disproportionately harm children and those who do not have access to green spaces, especially those living in crowded conditions.

The group says the government must not impose policies that harm or neglect racialized, marginalized and other vulnerable populations.

The statement comes days after Ontario announced and then abandoned plans to close playgrounds and enhance police powers during an extended stay-at-home order.

More to come.

The Canadian Press

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